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Why businesses should have live chat support

Customer service is an important aspect in any business. Excellent customer service ensures that companies are able to provide the products or services that they have promised to deliver. The satisfaction this process brings make companies and brands more appealing to customers, which can lead to improvement in sales as more people do repeat business or as they refer the company to their friends.

For the longest time, companies have relied on phone-based customer support, setting up call centers and filling them with customer care agents. However, this channel, though still effective can oftentimes be clogged with too many callers and customers are sometimes forced to wait a considerable amount of time before they can be served by your company’s representatives.

The rise of the internet as well as communication channels that deliver faster exchanges between two parties (such as social media and instant messaging clients/apps) have changed the customer service landscape. Because communication now happens almost instantaneously, customers are becoming more demanding as they go for businesses that can assist them with their needs without having to wait in a call queue to get some answers.

This is the reason why live chat has seen an increase in popularity as a customer service and technical assistance platform. In fact, studies now show that businesses that provide live chat support to their customers have experienced higher satisfaction levels for customer service communication compared to other traditional channels.

Take a look at this infographic created by Zopim and Zendesk that talk about the benefits of a live chat support system in improving customer experience.

Infographic source: Zopim Blog


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