4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Creative Services

Creative Services is a fluid and diverse field of profession, it encompasses the entire production of marketing collateral, from web design and video editing to graphic design and photo retouching, creative services holds a critical role for businesses that desire to grow and scale. 

With the emergence of new processes and technologies, the marketing profession is undergoing a renaissance. New channels and pathways have opened, new roles, new positions and a vast array of new specialties and competencies. Outsourcing creative services have now become a viable option for businesses that are trying to get ahead of their competitions. Clear the advantage might be, some owners, managers, and officers are still reluctant to dive into the golden pool of opportunities that business process outsourcing provides.

To remedy the doubt, here are 4 reasons why you should consider on outsourcing creative services to a company such as KDCI:

You don’t have the resources

4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Creative Services

Some businesses, most specifically start-ups and mom & pop companies, just don’t have the capital to freely spend and quite possibly waste on creating a support team for their businesses. Creative marketing teams cost money, money that is supposed to be allocated to critical areas of business such as R&D and business development.

Hypothetically you will be spending more than $55,000 of dollars a year for a tried and tested senior graphic designer, that’s $55,000 worth of your yearly revenue just to attract and pay for a single individual. Now let’s scale this up a bit, imagine hiring a team of web designers, graphic designers, and video editing specialists - that’s going to be a lot of money. Costs tied to software, equipment, maintenance, and employee benefits are not even considered yet. You’re going to pay a whole lot of money for just a single designer, while if you had outsourced your creative design functions you would have had a team of them.

“Not interested in spending tens of thousands of dollars a year for just one guy?”

You don’t have the team

4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Creative Services

With the rise of digital media channels, such as social media, e-commerce, and email marketing, the importance of visually appealing marketing material can never be stressed out enough. The thing is, most companies don’t have an internal team of designers to handle web, banner, email and graphic design creation and management, and instead really on sub-par creative design knowledge from their general staff.

If you’re a company that doesn’t have a dedicated team of designers, then you’re already losing half of the battle. It is proven that professionally designed collateral propels consumer consideration about your brand two-fold. To be successful in today’s marketing landscape, businesses should consider both substance and form, both content and presentation. Digital media assets such as graphic designs, email banners, PowerPoint presentations and corporate videos have not only raised consumer awareness for businesses that fully utilize them but also stood as the catalyst that propelled sales - the only KPI for success - which can only be done successfully by a team of highly skilled designers.

“Need a team of professional graphic designers?”

You don’t have the expertise

4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Creative Services

Marketing practices and principles are evolving quite rapidly. Marketing has now turned into a multi-discipline profession that encompasses a diverse range of processes and fields. With this diversification, work specialization has now become ever more important. Continuous education has now become a requirement for marketers to become effective in the profession, whether they are creative marketers, digital marketers, or traditional marketers, all of whom now need continuous training and exposure to get a chance to compete with a rapidly changing profession.

Education is expensive and is a time-consuming endeavor, why spend money in training and equipping a team of designers, when you could outsource a team of professionals that have tested their skills and proficiencies by working with various companies - big or small. Outsourcing creative services offer you the chance to immediately hire a team of vetted experts, eliminating the wasteful use of time and money that employee development poses.

“We can take our expertise and use it for the growth of your business”

You don’t have the time for creative services

4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Creative Services

Mastering creative services require time. Time to train the individual in the latest software, time to experience real campaigns and time to successfully learn and implement design philosophies. Some businesses invest in their time to develop their creative team, but the thing is, these businesses can afford it. Investing time on employee development takes time and money, which is counter-productive in today’s business landscape because speed is now needed more than ever to get ahead of one’s competition.

Creative Services is seen all throughout the internet. Visual designs are necessary to gain an upper hand in your targeted markets and if you’re going to wait for 3 months or more before your creative team becomes accustomed to the best design practices then you’re losing out on gaining a significant chunk of your market. Your competitors are already publishing engaging visual content across the internet, and with your decision to wait it all out, you’re easily letting the opportunity to challenge their promotions to slip away.

“Avoid The Risk - Let Us Help You Grow and Scale”