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Benefits of using infographics in marketing

With the abundance of information available on the internet these days, the challenge for marketers is to set themselves apart from the competition. One of the many ways they have discovered is through the use of infographs, a type of content that shows data by using a mixture of charts, icons, text and others. These visualized telling of story attracts the human brain faster, allowing marketers to communicate with their audience better in less time.

According to New York digital marketing company Contently, the keyword “infographic” got a 9,000 percent increase in Google searches since the year 2009. They said that it’s reasonable as it is the human tendency to be attracted to beautiful images over texts when searching for information online. Another report, this time coming from digital marketing solutions company Wishpond says that companies who use infographics in their marketing strategies gets 12% more engagement rather than other types of content.

If you’re wondering why infographs are working for other brands, here’s a short list explaining why:

  1. Humans are naturally visual

    Contently says that humans are attracted to beautiful images rather than walls of text, which enables infographics to easily catch the attention of users. Using images also allows your brand to share information faster as the human brain needs only a tenth of a second to understand a visual scene. Moreover, humans can also remember 80% of what they see thus, improves your business’ chances of brand retention.

  2. Easily shareable online

    Infographics are valuable information in a beautiful package, hence it has a higher chance of being shared by people in various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Jeff Bulas, a content marketing influencer in the US says that infographs helps you reach out to your local, or even global target market without going to print publishers.

  3. Increasing brand awareness

    Bulas also says that an infograph has a higher potential of being viral than textual posts, making it great for increasing people’s awareness of your brand.  He said that by embedding your logo or company colors in your graphic, more and more people will see your name as the infograph is shared.

  4. Good for SEO

    According to Brick Marketing, an SEO firm based in the U.S., an attractive and informative infograph helps your SEO efforts by increasing inbound links as more and more people share your infograph.

  5. Shows your expertise

    Infographs are a great way of simplifying complex topics. However, creating one requires creativity and lots of research. By creating your original infographic, your audience and target market will see your expertise in the topic, strengthening your position in the industry.

    They are good for your business but it will only work with constant effort in creating original, attractive and informative pieces. However, not all businesses can afford the time in creating their own infographics but several options such as outsourcing and hiring freelancers can be explored.

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