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Design Trends for 2015

Innovations in technology influence how we present information. Old trends such as relying on Flash for website and program creation are passé and new, simpler methods dominate the landscape. One thing remains unchanged though, the importance of visual media.

Graphic designers always need to come up with new ways to create captivating visuals to catch the attention of potential clients. This article will be focusing on effective website and graphics design trends for 2015.

Website Trends

Mobile First Approach – The advent of mobile technology changed how most people access the internet. Compatibility with mobile devices is necessary to drive the interest of more people.
Single-Page Website – Time waits for no one and viewers want to get everything they need to know at first glance. This approach also conveniently saves time and is preferred by most users.
Full-Screen Background Image / Video – If you want your viewers to have an immersive website experience, this is the trend to follow. This trend gives your website an interactive feel which makes it enticing for users.
Flat Design – This minimalist approach has a clean, polished look. This also allows users to navigate through the site easily.
Grid Interface – This trend goes well when a flat design is implemented. UI and websites utilize this style because users can easily pick what they want with this approach.
Selecting an appropriate WordPress theme – This is helpful for promotions, but certain themes cost a specific amount to implement.
Image Trends

An organized website is essential but in order to keep viewers interested, effective images are needed.

Use Natural Images – Instead of relying on cheesy stock photos, use original ones since it resonates more with people.
Typeface – Fonts have an effect on how information is delivered. Handwritten and large texts are the popular fonts to use. The blend of imagery and text can make or break a presentation.
Liquid and Smoke – If you prefer to use non-linear images, you can apply this effect on images. Avoid pastel and neutral colors when implementing this style since these make images look too artificial.
Airbrushing – This classic approach is still effective whether it is done manually or with software. This trend gives images a bit of shape and texture.
There are numerous trends in the graphic design industry. These are only a few that have generated success. Utilize what works for your audience to get great feedback and results.



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