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Here's Why You Should Start Outsourcing Your Photo Editing Needs

Many photographers enjoy the post process part of the workflow, whether it's adjusting exposure to cropping and straightening and more. However, what if we need to do more advanced post processing? What if the volume of work is more hours than what you are actually billed?

Some photographers may still choose to do photo editing on their own. But the smart ones outsource their post processing needs. Whether you're doing photography part-time or full-time, there will come a time when you would hit a wall and need extra hands, and outsourcing your photo editing needs may be one of your options.

A photographer usually takes a thousand images at minimum at a certain event. Afterwards, it takes up to 1-2 days for editing. This means you spend more than 60% of your working time doing editing. Rather than spending time in post-processing your photos, you could book other gigs and let a partner handle that.

That's where outsourcing your post-process can come in.

KDCI Outsourcing recognizes that your time has great value. You can spend more time in marketing your business, creating connections and even learning more about your craft, new techniques, new style, new inspirations. This means more customers, more orders and more revenue for you. Opting to outsource your photo editing brings back improvement in your business and even your personal life.

Maybe you're not the best editor out there. But if you have your style figured out and your SOOC (straight-out-of-the camera) is at its finest, outsourcing is still reasonable and can benefit your photography business greatly. Our KDCI Outsourcing photo editors will be able to catch your style and help in creating consistency throughout your photos. We make sure that you can make most of your time with the assurance that your photos can stand out.

Outsourcing shouldn't be a fear or something to avoid. It shouldn't be something to take lightly either. You should feel good about your choice, own it and start doing other things you could be doing with your time and business. Let KDCI Outsourcing be your partner.


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