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Launching a Product Soon?

Congratulations! You've created another brilliant product. Everyone should know about it... but how?

In today’s demanding market, launching new products are oftentimes ​hectic and can go haywire​. A checklist of essential items should be considered, with great design being one of the top priorities.

Tutti Frutti, a leading, premium frozen yoghurt company, worked together with KDCI in launching their new product through an e-mail campaign. E-mail marketing might be “old-fashioned” for some, but we believe that it can still be ​very effective. With users receiving several e-mails daily, the team’s challenge was to deliver the message quickly and with great design.

Perry, an experienced Graphic Designer of KDCI stepped up to the plate. Being well versed in maintaining brand integrity, while designing across different media, is one of his key skills. Still, working on Tutti Frutti’s e-mail marketing graphics was quite a challenge for him since he needed to come up with something that could stand out from the online clutter.

“​Filling every corner of a marketing collateral is a big NO​!”, according to him. Who likes being bombarded with information, anyway? A collateral that’s too busy will surely distract readers from the essentials: the brand, the product or service, and the call to action.

With over 15 years of experience in graphic design services, KDCI’s Creatives Team knows, that well-balanced graphical elements in a marketing collateral, can effectively deliver the message while leading the reader through the content.


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