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PowerPoint vs Google Slides

Whether you are doing a product launch or a speech, a presentation slide is an effective way to deliver your message with the use of multimedia to capture audience’s attention. And when it comes to presentation softwares, two names are mostly recognized - Powerpoint and Google Slides.


Powerpoint has been around 30 years now and since it is part of the Microsoft Office package, a license is needed to use it. It costs around $70 - $150 yearly, but once installed on your PC, easily access it without internet connection.

With Google Slides, have the software right at your fingertips without paying extra. Just connect to the internet, register and freely enjoy all Google Docs softwares.


As mentioned, PowerPoint requires the Microsoft Office software installed to run properly. Files will be saved on your hard disc and accessible thru your personal computer. If you need to have it online, register to Microsoft’s cloud storage OneDrive and upload it there. PowerPoint also offers a free online version, however, it is more basic than the desktop-based product.

Google Slides enable real time collaboration. Simultaneously edit the presentation deck online with colleagues is the platform's biggest selling point. Just send an invite and you both can edit the same file at the same time.

Backups and Storage

PowerPoint doesn’t offer an automatic savings unless you have the latest version. It saves a copy of your document every few seconds on OneDrive. It has AutoRecover feature in case crash happen.

Since Google Slides is cloud-based, every 5-10 mins, your work is being saved on Google Drive without hitting the button. All changes are automatically saved to the cloud. Also, Google Slides it has a history review. Check out previous versions and restore them any time.

Special Effects and Embedding

Another good thing about PowerPoint is its many features such as special effects which are only available in the desktop version. Easily drag images or draw your own.

Freely embed video and audio files in PowerPoint. It supports a number of formats compared to Google Slides. Have a Youtube video in your presentation if you want to.

Google Slides, in contrast, offers basic animations and transitions compared to PowerPoint. Customizing different images and shapes is also limited.

There’s a few restrictions when it comes to embedding files since they only support a few formats. YouTube video allowed as well but audio files are not.


When it comes to templates, PowerPoint offers wide gallery of ready-to-use templates for various purposes.

Google Slides comes with a gallery of pre-made basic templates which you can edit and change according to your preferences.

Presentation slides has been the standard material when doing launches, lectures and speeches, and here at KDCI we recognize the value of it.

For over 15 years, making creatively engaging and high quality presentations to a wide variety of clients has been one of our strengths. We worked with small, medium and large organizations to attract potential customers towards their services and products.

This is just one out of hundred presentations we did over the past years.

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