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Does Logo Design Matter?

It does!

Chances are, when you see someone or something, a thought quickly triggers up in your head. What you feel was an emotional response that connects brands to your certain memories. For example, seeing the yellow ‘M’,  you associate it with McDonald’s. In an instant, it makes you think about burgers, fries, and chickens and how you craved ‘til you get one. All these processes happens in just a blink of an eye! Amazing, right?

It may be small piece of the puzzle when you’re a new business owner, however, logos can make or break a business. Why? Because a logo conveys your brand message and identity. There are thousands of logos, just imagine the competition how to get a single impression.

Over the past decade, outsourcing such as Graphic Design Services has never been more convenient and economical. As time progresses,  KDCI, learned to make its way, and now, is one of the outsourcing companies you can count on.

KDCI’s Ryan has extensive expertise in logo design and brand identity. From conception through execution, we ensure that your logo communicates your brand message. His experience working for a number of clients proved his competence in logo creation and brand identity. Aside from this, Ryan was also behind their hang tags.

Less is more. For him, the logo should communicate for itself. What a brilliant way to represent the products and company, right?

What Ryan did for UMA was just a glimpse of how KDCI’s Creative Team does the job.

KDCI’s Creatives Team has over 15 years of experience in providing world class print and graphic design services. Our well-trained designers has expertise on print collateral designs, branding, logo creation and product photo editing to name a few. Every work is tailor-made specifically on your needs.

Allow us to work for you too, whether you need a few or a few hundred.


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