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Seven Deadly Sins In Photo Editing

We all know of course that selling your products online without a picture to back it up is almost moot. The success of your business relies mainly on your pictures to get the attention of your target clientele. Product descriptions and services offered only come secondary in the process. And while eCommerce websites use an array of techniques to attract customers, it’s still your responsibility to come up with photos that would convince people to buy your stuff.

A perfect product image is almost non-existent. Even though you’ve gone the trouble of setting up a product photography session, there are still things you need to enhance to make your eCommerce photos pop. Here enters product photo editing to make sure that your product images jump off the screen.

With product image editing, one can manipulate an image to suit your requirements. Whether you want to change the background, edit out objects or adjust the color, photo editing can make your product stand out.

The advent of handy photo editing tools and professional photo editing companies makes coming up with striking product photos fairly easy. And while hiring professional photo editing services is the better choice, not all small business has the financial capacity to seek the help of a product photo editing expert. Hence they resort to DIY product image editing which yields unsatisfactory results.

We list down seven common product image editing mistakes that you want to avoid to make your eCommerce photos eye-catching.

  1.       Too Much Touch UpSeven Deadly Sins in Photo Editing

To make your product saleable, your eCommerce photos must look flawless. Although sometimes, one forgets the difference between getting it right and going too far.

If you are into professional product editing, you must know that your products need to look natural and not plastic. The product and/or model have skin, and skin has color, texture and yes, even blemishes. The kewpie doll look lost ranking years ago. Don’t be too zealous about fixing it.

  1.       Sharpening is Sometimes Not the AnswerSeven Deadly Sins in Photo Editing

To clear out some air here, using digital sharpening to add impact to your product image is a brilliant idea. Using it to salvage out-of-focus picture isn’t.

Sharpening tool would not magically fix a poorly focused image. It can actually add to the problem. Sharpness and focus are two different elements, and one cannot improve the focus by sharpening the picture during product image editing.  It would only add more noise, making you lose important image details. So take it easy on the sharpening tool. You want your eCommerce photos to look arresting and not the other way around.

  1.       Clumsy with ContrastSeven Deadly Sins in Photo Editing

One of the surefire ways to make your image pop is adding contrast. However, it is also one of the ways to cause a major blowout. A product photo editing professional knows that contrast adds focus on the image, but he also must know that the downside of too much contrast is losing image detail.

To keep your eCommerce photos as sharp and focused as possible, add contrasts on the areas where it is actually needed and not the entire frame. Although you might think this product image editing step is time-consuming, you will actually save image detail and avoid image flattening.

  1.       Compulsive CroppingSeven Deadly Sins in Photo Editing

If you are into professional photo editing, you need to understand that not all crops are right crops. Your artistic vision will not always coincide with that of your client’s. What you think is the best crop might not mesh with your client’s specification.

Over-cropping can be tragic since it will not allow you to change the aspect ratio of your image later on. It is best to know how the eCommerce photos will be displayed before you start cropping.

  1.       The Consequences of Your ActionsSeven Deadly Sins in Photo Editing

Actions are awesome. It’s a fast and convenient way for you to achieve results without having to do everything from scratch. However, relying entirely on actions during photo editing may alter the entire product image when you only need to change a particular part of the frame.  

Before you start thinking of using actions for your eCommerce photos, make sure that you understand layers and layer mask to get much better results.

  1.       Too Much Saturation is Just…Too MuchSeven Deadly Sins in Photo Editing

In order to add a pop to your product images, you raise the saturation slide higher.  This is where you fell into the trap and overdo the task making your eCommerce photos look faker than ever.

There is nothing wrong in pushing your photos’ color to the limit. Professional photo editing companies sometimes “lie” by coming up with images that have more color than the original file. And there’s nothing wrong with that as long as the pictures look organic. Be warned; if you’re heavy handed on saturation you might lose image details thereby making the product photos look more like a poster.

  1.       Software GagaSeven Deadly Sins in Photo Editing

Novice editors and product photo editing experts alike sometimes go gaga over new editing software features and apps that they try to apply it all at once. With product image editing, you have to understand that not all software features are needed to make your photos eye-catching.

Get the full aspect of the software first before your dip your hands in photo editing. If you want to create the perfect photos, you need to do your homework. Avoid committing these common mistakes by learning all about your editing tools first.

Wrap Up

While there is no right or wrong editing style you have to stay focus on your end goal, and that is to sell your products using good quality yet realistic product images. Product photo editing involves more process than the conventional photo editing. And the consequences of uploading poor quality photos are greater than sharing personal photos over social media. You want people to buy your products right? And what better way to attract buyers than to entice them with stunning product photos.

If you have a background with product image editing, then go ahead and stylize your product images yourself. It wouldn’t hurt to add a personal touch to your online store. Just make sure that you dial things back a little bit and see what needs to be done before you start with product photo editing. However, if you’re not really familiar with photo editing, it’s better to hire a professional photo editing company.  

Why complicate things when there are product image editing experts nearby. You will still get to be the boss and these professional photo editing companies will still take your artistic input. Needless to say, as long as you present attractive product images, the customers won’t care if it’s a made thru DIY product photo editing or professional photo editing services right? Just stick as close to the original photos as possible and let your products do the talking.


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