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KDCI designs Tutti Frutti's newest ice cream package designs. What's your favorite flavor?

Product success and failure rely on a lot of key factors, and every year, 95 percent of new products fail. The reason is simple - consumers use shortcuts in their purchases. They just don’t have the time nor the energy to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the products they place in their shopping carts - consumers use shortcuts, and the most effective one is Product Packaging.

Packaging is powerful because it is the face of your product and brand - it sets you apart from your competitors either positively or negatively. One wrong element, one mistake in design, may cause a sharp decline in sales due to unfamiliarity, lack of appeal, or misinformation.

Developing a design that would both feature legacy elements of previous packages and creative elements that would make the packages demand attention, is definitely a hard task to accomplish. Unfortunately, most companies forego optimizing their packages to suit the current retail landscape and in turn lose out to more ambitious companies that are willing to invest in development and innovation.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt has acknowledged this fact and has hired KDCI a branding and design company to conceptualize and develop new packaging designs for their Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Bar product line. With a goal of mixing in contemporary design philosophies and tried-and-tested layouts, to feature a fresh and endearing packaging design that resonates with previous customers and new ones - KDCI has produced a series of gripping and tastefully woven product packages that leverage on a simple yet appealing minimalist design.

Here are the product packages that are ready to hit your local retail and eCommerce stores:

Tutti Frutti Product Packaging
Tutti Frutti Product Packaging
Tutti Frutti Product Packaging

The importance of packaging design cannot be stressed enough. Retail companies should not be afraid of investing a part of their resources on reinventing their product packages because sometimes the difference between a purchased product and an ignored one is how great it looks like.

Overstuffing graphics and copy to a product package are considered as one of the greatest sins in packaging design. Being an international design company, we have put this philosophy to heart, as seen in the packages that we have designed for Tutti Frutti. But how balanced is balanced? The answer might be simple for experienced design companies such as KDCI, but most companies don't know that consumers highly prefer simple packaging designs over content-heavy packages.

When our team of expert designers conceptualized the Tutti Frutti packages above, we based the general design layout of the packages to feature a neutral light gray tone as the white space, while including vibrant colored elements to help accentuate the key product details placed on the packages.  We identified that in the current retail landscape, minimalist designs attract more consumer purchases than graphic-congested product packages.

We made sure that the graphics and copy that we included in the packages would be as straightforward as possible because we know that minimizing the content and only featuring the key benefits would raise consumer purchase of the product - given that it makes their buying experience easier and less tedious.

Our senior designers made sure that the color theme would be constant all throughout, giving the packages a sense of consistency - this is done to make sure that the packages stand-out of store shelves because a cohesive color theme attracts more eye attention than color saturated packages.

Tutti Frutti took the leap and are now ready to face the 21st-century consumer. Are you?

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