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KDCI Outsourcing has a pool of talented website designers that are highly trained in UX/UI design. We make it our mission to design websites that are beautiful, functional, and effective, with innovative designs that are consistent with the brand and based on data-backed insights on user behavior and intent.

Using a variety of industry standard tools such as Adobe XD, InVision Studio, and Sketch, our web design team creates practical and appealing websites that are aligned with your business goals. Whether your goal is to establish your brand, generate leads, increase your online sales, or all three, our team can design the best possible website for your business.

Our Advantage

01 Design for Development
We create web designs with development in mind. We don’t just create beautiful interfaces, we also take inputs from our development team to make sure that our designs can be converted into code with ease and precision.

02 Superior SEO Compliance
Aside from web design, we always make our web pages with SEO in mind — how to rank high and gain more traffic. This effective approach allows us to create a website that is both functional and effective.

03 Client Collaboration
We value your opinion. Your website is a highly valuable marketing asset, and our design team will collaborate with you, keep your feedback in mind, and seek your approval to make sure we design the best possible website for your business.

04 Project Planning
Our team of web designers make it a point to maintain transparency with our clients by providing the project timeline, wireframes, creative assets, and design reports.

Our Capabilities

Website Design
Work with professional web designers to have a website that’s geared toward usability, visual aesthetics, and functionality. From wireframes and mockups to the actual design prototype, we make sure that your audience gets the best experience that compels them to take action.

Landing Page Design
Our experienced UX/UI designers have been designing efficient interfaces for local and international clients since 2011. We research on what motivates visitors to convert and create a landing page that gives the best first impression and attract high-quality conversions.

Website Optimization
We carefully study website design elements take insights from analytics to implement intuitive UX/UI changes like decluttering for faster load times, optimizing elements above the fold for higher conversions, and emphasizing CTAs.

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