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5 Digital Transformation Trends That You Should Expect for 2020

Over the past few years, Digital transformation revolved around the same trends and had begun to feel a bit monotonous: Augmented Reality, Edge Compute, and the Cloud. It always seemed like we waited for a couple of years for these trends to mature, but 2020 will be different.

While older trends above will still dominate and be the core foundations of the digital space, next year will be the commencement of advancing technologies. Here are five digital transformation trends that will be notable in 2020.

1. 5G Integration for Consumers and Businesses

We've been hearing the word 5G for a couple of years now, and even our local telco companies are slowly testing the technology in selected areas. Smartphone companies like Samsung have already announced their 5G-capable phones in Q3 and Q4 earlier this year, and others are starting to follow.

In addition to providing consumers faster internet speeds and more reliable networks, 5G will also accelerate advancements in smart vehicles and smart cities. Expect that every industry will utilize this technology.

2. Faster WiFi means more content consumed

Although WiFi 6 will be different from 5G, both will bring everyone a broader connection range and blazing wireless connection speeds next year. Both technologies will work hand-in-hand and will be the perfect combination of connectivity in both the home and office.

With this upcoming trend, expect download speeds up to three times faster compared to WiFi 5. But the main highlight for WiFi 6 is its ability to extend the faster data speeds to far more devices than ever. With the quality and volume of data consumed both increasing, it's about time that the technology keeps up as well.

3. ACPC will let you stay connected forever

We already saw the massive boost of mobile data use last year, and now we're going to see an improvement on the laptop-side as well. With always-connected PCs this year equipped with 5G and LTE connection, we'll see more tech giants integrate that to their products as well.

It's safe to assume that the majority of laptops will have improved battery life and bring a near-full-day experience to users.

4. More companies will make use of analytics

Tech-based companies have already utilized numbers and proved that analytics is the future. The path to success is within the data, and you have to start gathering these numbers. Companies outside this niche are beginning to understand the importance of these data.

There is far too much valuable consumer data to be collected, processed, and turned into insights for any company to remain competitive without utilizing analytics tools. Remember that flying blindly and guessing numbers will only waste a company's time and resources.

Expect that the majority of the companies in every category will use analytics to utilize their strategies in 2020.

5. AI and Machine Learning will boost Data Analytics

In 2020, you can expect that brands will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the data they have from analytics. An average person will be able to do this task, but AI has three advantages: speed, scale, and convenience.

Thanks to machine learning, complex data tables can now be processed in a fraction of time. This not because we have better equipment, but rather, algorithms from these AI have gotten extremely good at data analysis.


While the older, more mature technological foundation will continue to be the center of digital transformation, these five trends will be the highlight of next year's marketing strategy. So act fast, research on these trends and utilize them to grow your business.


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