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LinkedIn Profile Guide 2019: How to Optimize your Account

582 million. That’s the number of LinkedIn accounts that you’re trying to beat to get the attention recruiters. The best way to raise your searchability is by tweaking your profile to have a brand. You need to propose a unique guarantee of value that will differentiate you from other profiles — here's how to do it.


Always include your first, last, and middle name. Don't be fancy by adding nicknames or funny titles to your LinkedIn profile like "Marketing Zombie" or "Social media buff." Keep it simple.

Profile Photo

One of the reasons why employers don't bother to visit your LinkedIn profile is if they see you don't have any pictures. Have a professional yet fun photo of you that will emulate your personality and expertise. Don't be too stiff and corporate.


A must-have. Search for something that captures people's attention. Make sure that you'll look professional, smart, and on-brand with your profession. If you don’t know how to design one, you can pick from a royalty-free website like unsplash and pexels.


Arguably the most critical information in your LinkedIn profile. Be creative, concise, and include search keywords that are related to your expertise and profession.

Write it so that your target market and the audience will easily understand it. Show something of unique value that you can offer, be different. Be fun while also showing how good you are with your profession.


Use industry-specific keywords that revolves around your expertise and profession. Keep it short and formal as possible; highlight your skills and achievements.


Add projects that will highlight your abilities, knowledge, and improve your reputation. Think of it as a blog post that needs search optimization as it increases your chances to appear on the platform's search queries.


Make it a habit to add more contacts to your LinkedIn profile. Remember to endorse them if they know their provided skill sets so they'll be enticed to recommend you too. Who knows, maybe they can introduce you to their recruiters?

Linked Profile Strength

Do your best to make sure this meter is full because this determines how robust and searchable your profile is. As you add more relevant content to your profile, the strength meter rises. Don't worry; it will show you what you can do to improve it.


The one thing that employers will surely take time to read. It's similar to your resume and serves the same purpose. Include every company that you have worked for and include information about your obligations, accomplishments, and growth.

Explain your experience straight to the point; less is more in this section. When adding your current company, make sure to add a little more information about them.

Avoid using flashy buzzwords and remember to show results that you have achieved from your work rather than just telling. If you're a great programmer, mention an award that you received and an exceptional metric that describes why you are one.


If you're not a fresh grad and have tons of work experience, employers will probably ignore this one. It’s best to make sure that you always list your highest academic level. You can also include activities and recognitions that will boost your standing.

Licenses and Certifications

Some specific skill sets require certifications and licenses. If you have one, make sure to list them all down. This section in your LinkedIn profile shows that you've taken steps to improve your skills.

Aside from previous work, you should add case studies, research papers, blog posts, your product, and service that you or your company currently offers.

Skills and Endorsements

Always remember that when you add skills and expertise to your profile, you're optimizing your search through those keywords while also creating opportunities for endorsements.

Add at least five skills related to your profession as users will receive 17 times more profile views than those who don't.


This section explains to the recruiters why you are the perfect person for the position. Achievements you can include are publications, additional languages, projects, certifications, complete courses, honors, and awards.


The more groups you are in, and the more connections you have, the higher the chance that your LinkedIn profile will show up in search results.

The items that you add to this section should be relevant to yourself or your professions.

Bonus Tip: Passion is Key

If you reveal that you’re passionate about something, you’ll inspire the people around you. So join groups and associate with the members of the community. Share your own personal thoughts and create a conversation. You’ll see that it will reach those who share the same interest and values


At the end of the day, the most impressive people to hire are the people who are the most passionate about what they do. Keep updating your LinkedIn profile and show potential recruiters that you have what they’re looking for. It’s time to take your LinkedIn game to the next level.


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