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Product Information Management



KDCI Outsourcing offers a full-package, all-in-one product information management service that can take care of anything and everything you need in order to create the best SKUs for your eCommerce business. Our highly skilled professionals know the ins and outs of eCommerce and can do everything from writing SEO-optimized product descriptions to editing product photos that show off your products in the best light.

Our expertise spans various industries, from retail, tech, food, and everything in between. However big or small your business is, we can help you manage all your data properly and boost and grow your sales with ease.

01 Expert PIM specialists
Our expert team of Product Information Management specialists knows exactly how to handle your product data in every stage. Whether it’s data entry for your new SKUs, product description writing for eCommerce marketplaces, managing your existing SKU database, or editing your product photos, we can handle it all and more.

02 Marketplace & Platform Expertise
Our Product Information Management specialists are well versed in the rules and guidelines governing every eCommerce marketplace and platform today. This means that they can make sure that every SKU you have is fully-compliant and ready for seamless and hassle-free uploading wherever and whenever you want them.

03 Marketing Mindset
Whichever service you need to be done, you can rest easy knowing that our Product Information Management specialists will make sure your data, SKUs, content, and images are ready and optimized fully for all your marketing campaigns and business goals.

04 Expert Quality Assurance Process
Their years of experience allow our experts to plot and organize your product data quickly and efficiently. As an added measure, however, our quality assurance specialists make sure to go over the work, ensuring that we maintain 99.9% accuracy each and every time.

Product Description Writing

Our writers use their years of copywriting experience to ensure that you get product descriptions that are well-written, accurate, compelling, and attractive to prospective buyers of your product. Their writing skills, combined with their in-depth knowledge of different industries is a huge asset and can be used to effectively target your customers and compel them to buy your products.

Expect expertly-written product descriptions that are optimized for search engines and which will still supply your clients with valuable information regarding your product, their benefits, and why they should buy them.

Product Data Entry

Our data entry professionals are driven and dedicated to increasing your production and scaling your workforce. They are committed to training with your account, knowing your company’s every need and goal and how they can help achieve them.

Our expert data entry experts are trained in speed and accuracy, ensuring that your data is always well-organized and updated. From entering customer and account data to reviewing information for deficiencies and correcting data incompatibilities, our data experts can do it all.

Product Data Cleansing

Our experts in product data cleansing strictly follow a QA process, guaranteeing that you are only left with relevant, updated, and normalized data that you can easily use in your eCommerce website as well as your inventory and revenue tracking system. This allows you to separate the trash from the truly useful data that you have.

No matter how big or small your product data list is, you can be sure that you’ll get consistent, high-quality data that will help you truly grow your eCommerce business.

Product Catalog Management

Our expert Data Entry specialists excel in using the latest, professional-grade software and data management tools to ensure proper and timely management of your product SKUs. Get insight on the proper way of organizing your SKUs and, how to avoid duplicates, and how you can manage your SKU inventory more efficiently.

Whether it’s as simple as using basic data entry programs or as complex as using custom CRMs to manage all your product data, our experts can definitely handle it all.

Product Photo Editing

The right product image can make or break a sale. This is why we have perfected our process of helping businesses through our expert product photo editing services. Our expert photo editors are committed to enhancing your product images, producing catalogs that grab consumer attention and resonates with repeat purchasers.

By removing obstructions, blemishes, and other errors, your target market will have an improved understanding of your products, and a drive to take action. From fashion and lifestyle to electronics and technology, our team has the refined skills and experience necessary in handling high-volume product photo editing projects for companies and platforms of all sizes.

Top Tools We Use for Product Information Management:

Google Ads
Google Docs
Product 360
Sitecore XC
UI Path
Pronto Forms
Products Up
B2B Wave
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom

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