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KDCI finds Inspiration: Creative Team attends Graphika Manila 2019

Fresh ideas and inspiration do not come from just anywhere. For designers to be able to hone their craft and increase their skill, it is important to expose themselves to current trends and new environments. They also need to interact with their peers and share their thoughts and ideas.

This is precisely why we decided to send our creative design team to Graphika Manila 2019.

Graphika Manila is the biggest and most influential conference on creativity and design in the Philippines. Now on its 13th year, the event continuously delivers diversity and fresh insights by inviting some of the top names in design from all over the world to give talks and share their creative ideas.

Of all the speakers in Graphika Manila 2019, it was Aaron Draplin, founder of Draplin Design Co., who made a lasting impression on our designers.

"I consider him as my design hero," says John, one of our video editors and first-time attendee of Graphika Manila. According to him, he was ecstatic to hear Draplin talk about his life as a designer and how he honed his craft through the years.

Ryan, one of our senior graphic designers, shares how strong Draplin's influence was. He recounts how Draplin made all attendees realize that they already had the skills they needed to succeed and how he encouraged them to use those skills whenever an opportunity arises.

According to our Creative Design team, attending Graphika Manila was great because not only did it give them the inspiration they can use in their daily design tasks at work, but it also helped them to visualize their career path more clearly. Aside from this, being sent to the conference also made them feel appreciated and valued by the company.

Now equipped with more inspiration and creative juice, our design team is ready to rock some killer designs for our clients!

At KDCI, creative design is our core competency. This is why we strive to give our clients only the best every single time. This is also why we make sure that our awesome creative design team is the best of the best.  

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