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KDCI Summer Team Building Recap


It’s never too late to enjoy summer and that’s just what we did when KDCI Outsourcing went to Batangas for our company team building.

The overnight event was held at Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort located in Lian, Batangas from June 9 - 10. After our last shift Saturday morning, everyone gathered and got on the buses, had breakfast an on the road.

By lunch, we’ve arrived at the resort and prepared for the afternoon when the team building activities and games started. Here, our skills, wit, collaboration and alertness were tested to be successful with the tasks at hand.

The night went on with teams playing and gaining a stronger bond with their team members. But the real fun was when poker by the beach started, which eventually moved inside with the unprecedented rains. But no rain could stop us from having fun. After a few rounds of drinks and karaoke, everyone hit the sack to prepare for the next day.



With a new bond strengthened with each other, everyone got back on the bus for a travel back to Manila, to prepare for a new week ahead. It may just be short but the fun, smiles, and laughter is what matters.

Thank you to everyone who came, had fun and participated! More photos on our Facebook page! Until the next one!



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