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A Look Back at KDCI 2017 Christmas and Year-End Party

On December 17, 2017, KDCI celebrated its annual year-end Christmas party attended by our employees. It was held privately at Morganfield's in the Ayala the 30th Mall.

As the people started to fill up so did the registration form that merited everyone a spot for the raffle prizes. Everyone was encouraged to spend time together despite having different teams, different schedules and different tasks done during a usual work day.

And a few minutes later, the program started, hosted by our two emcees and an opening statement from our Vice President, Ian Rañosa.


The program went on and was succeeded by a few minor raffle prizes and then a fun variation of the game Trip to Jerusalem. After which everyone had dinner with good servings of fish fillet, roasted chicken and ribs. Yum!

Another game commenced between the guys and the girls: a good old game of message relay with a little fun twist. After 2 rounds, the women claimed the prize. Afterwards, more raffle prizes were given away including major ones.


The program closed with a statement from our President Raymond Jamin, who thanked everyone for their hard work and efforts for the company and its clients this past year. He announced that the company will be moving offices, a good start for next year. He also mentioned that the company is preparing for its annual donation drive, a way to give back to the society after receiving much blessings. More details will follow in following weeks regarding this project.

As the night reached to an end, it's clear that everyone had a great night. Smiles were heard here, laughter there, and a lot of selfies going on everywhere. KDCI is planning bigger and better things this year. And with everyone's efforts, we can greet success for a another year coming.

So from our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

More photos are up on our Facebook page!



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