KDCI President is a Halo Geek

At KDCI, we like to encourage our team members to let out their inner geeks. From talking about the latest comic releases over at the office pantry to displaying memorabilia of their favorite franchise around the office, our employees are free to express their interests over fandoms they’re part of. One of our team's biggest geeks? Our company's president, Ray Jamin.

That is why for Ray's birthday, our CEO, Tony, came up with the brilliant idea for us to do a  mural of one of Ray’s favorite franchises, Halo. From Halo: Combat Evolved to the upcoming Halo Infinite, Ray has never missed a piece of his favorite game.

Now with this awesome piece of sci-fi art on his wall, Ray’s office feels extraterrestrial and out of this world. Any sign of the Chief? Well, he’s right in his office - our very own Master Chief awaiting our team’s reports.

Like Ray, the KDCI team enjoys geeking out on a number of franchises such as Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars. After all, the KDCI team has the precise timeliness of a robot, the out-of-this-world creativity of an alien, and the heart and soul of a human. Our employees are kings and queens who provide service to the people, our clients. From welcoming you on an Iron Throne to discussing company strategies alongside Darth Vader, as long as you have the talent and interest to be part of our team, you’re sure to fit right in.

So we ask you, are you ready?


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