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Healthy Supply of IT Graduates Supports Philippines as Top IT Offshoring Destination

A recent survey by International research firm A.T. Kearney indicated that the Philippines is slowly becoming an offshoring hotspot not only in Asia but for the rest of the world. The country’s continued economic growth has helped other countries see it as one of the top destinations for acquiring new talent through the process of outsourcing and offshoring.

The report also mentioned that more and more companies are now considering getting IT personnel from the Philippines especially those involving website and app development. But with this increase in demand for IT talent, can the Philippines be strong enough to supply the world’s IT resource requirements?

Contrary to what most people think, the country in fact has a healthy supply of IT talent which gets refreshed every year by a new batch of graduates from different universities. If you’re wondering what kind of IT talents you can source out of the Philippines, here are a few IT courses offered in a number of colleges and universities in the country that’s proof that there won’t be a shortage of programmers and developers for different IT projects.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Talents with this degree usually go on to become application developers, database administrators, technical support specialists that troubleshoot computer systems, test engineers, web administrators or web masters as well as web developers.

Average salary for these IT staff ranges from $3000 to $20,000 depending on the type of job and years of experience.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering covers a large scope of work and college students are given different options for specialization. These include software development, computer hardware system development, system and network administration, microelectronics (involves the design, manufacture, and use of microchips and microcircuits) and Robotics / AI development.

Typical job functions for people with this degree include software developers, test engineers, computer programmers, support specialists, instrumentation technician, applications specialist, electrical designer, computer systems manager, network systems administrators and computer consultants.

Average salary for computer engineering graduates starts from $25000 per year.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Graduates of computer science degrees have similar functions to computer engineers. However, they specialize on developing software solutions. Typical jobs suitable for computer science degree holders include disciplines such as computer systems engineering, networking engineering, game design and development, AI development, decision support systems and natural language processing to name a few.

Average salary for people with this degree starts at $20,000 and could go higher depending on experience.

If you want to see a detailed list of what services can be offshored in the Philippines? You can check our web and app development disciplines page to have a better idea of what IT talent you need for your business.


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