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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2015

Social networking sites have become an important medium for modern day marketers. These platforms have provided businesses with a faster and more efficient way of communicating with their customers, as well as insights on what makes their target market tick. This is the reason why more and more companies (small and big alike) are choosing social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a main tool to drive business growth.

Having said this, it is really important to know what kind of trends will prevail in the industry in order for companies to keep their advantage over their rivals, especially in today’s overly competitive markets. JSH&A Communications, a research organization based in the US recently released their forecast on the social media trends for 2015, which businesses need to take advantage of to stay relevant to their target audience.

Right time marketing

If high-quality content creation was a challenge for brands last year, this year’s hurdle is producing and sharing timely content. Experts says that marketers are putting less focus in responding to issues faster, and are putting more effort in creating attractive content and sharing it to the right audience at the proper time.

According to a related study by, a leading digital data research organization in the US, 35.7% of Fortune 500 CMO’s are more concerned on having the right content most useful to their customers on the right time this year.

Paid social media is the new norm
Companies are now increasing their budgets for social media ads
Social networking sites are now tightening their policies on organic reach to bring better content to their users. This means that brands should maximize social media advertising options in order to better reach their audience.

A related report by the Social Media Examiner says that companies are now increasing their budgets for social media ads with Facebook and Google Ads as the primary options. Around 53% of marketers from their study report that they will increase their budget in Facebook ads, 38% said they will bump their ad spending on Google while 31% chose advertise more on Twitter.

Content creation is still growing

Content will remain to be king in 2015 as brands continue to spend more resources to content creation. Since the internet is filled with so much information, brands will have to spend more funds and effort in producing quality content to stand out and make a trend. Cincinnati-based agency Skyword also reported that brands are generally allocating 15% of their marketing budget for content creation and that brands who can hire highly talented content creators will have a huge advantage this 2015.

Video consumption is increasing
Popular social media platforms are leaning towards improving their video playing technology
Facebook is also gaining ground on YouTube in video ads and video consumption. The social networking giant has garnered almost 12 billion video views in 2014, which is almost a billion more than YouTube, indicating that it is now becoming a major player in video streaming industry.

Similar reports (specifically that from reveal that popular social media platforms are leaning towards improving their video playing technology as they find that users engage and share video posts more than other types. In fact, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have all rolled out tests and beta versions of their own video ad platforms.

Visual content is more important

JSH&A Communications also emphasized that for this year, marketers will be sharing and producing high-quality visual content to communicate with their audience better. As image-centric sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr continue to rise, marketers will focus on creating highly shareable content to so they can utilize its momentum.

In the Social Media Examiner report, 71% of marketers in 2015 are using visual content for their social media marketing campaign. Moreover, 34% of marketers involved in their study chose visual content as the most important type of content.

To maximize its growth, companies are putting their efforts into creating visual content such as images, infographics, and slideshows which provide a new and more exciting way of delivering information to customers.


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