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Social Media Savvy Philippines: The best place for your social media needs

If you think you’re finally ready to open your business up to a wider clientele over the internet but don’t know where to start, then you may consider outsourcing your social media marketing activities to the Philippines – a country with a very savvy social media culture that comes at a very cost efficient price point.

The Philippines has a Facebook Penetration rate of 93.9%
Research from the past several years has shown that Filipinos have very much embraced social media culture. Statistics from as early as 2011 have led pundits to dub the Philippines as the “Social Networking Capital of the World” with its crowning achievement enjoying an outstanding Facebook penetration rate of 93.9%.

With a large overseas working population, Filipinos initially turned to social media as a more cost-effective way to communicate with their relatives abroad, this relatively early and widespread adoption gave Filipinos a chance to develop social media savvy.

In the Philippines, social media has also been an effective tool for social change. Some enterprising Filipinos have used Twitter campaigns to raise money for typhoon relief. Blogs and other platforms have been used to rally public sentiment over political and governance issues. Support for sports heroes in international competitions gain larger traction through the constant “likes” and “shares” facilitated over the many social media platforms that Filipinos often use.

Recent online-usage studies have shown that Filipinos are actively using the following platforms in 2015: Facebook (21%), Facebook Messenger (20%), Skype (17%), Google+ and Twitter (13% each), with Instagram and YouTube user numbers growing by the day as well, demonstrating the Filipinos’ eagerness

In addition to being adept users of the many of social media platforms available, the Philippines is a great destination for your social media needs because of the lower cost of doing business in the country.

Filipinos use a lot of social platforms like Skype, Google+ and Twitter
Operational overhead (including employee salaries and other benefits) is significantly lower than in most competing countries. A 2011 study by Outsourcing Malaysia concluded that a typical Filipino worker’s salary is 14-20% lower that their Western counterpart’s. Even with this cost efficiency, the quality of service delivered has been observed to be often at par or sometimes even better than that of peers from nearby countries.

In addition to these labor-related cost savings, rent, commercial property and infrastructure costs are significantly better-priced relative to nearby markets. Costs are further lowered due to subsidies and tax breaks offered to BPO companies opting to set up shop in the Philippines.



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