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5 Helpful Social Media Monitoring Tools

While social media networks provide you easier ways of reaching out to larger audiences, it also lets consumers to talk about your product publicly. This two-way communication provides you extra information to help you calculate a proper response and in effect, a better marketing strategy.

The question is how to monitor their online conversations without wasting your time and resources by staying online 24-hours a day. Social media listening tools are online applications which you can use to help you filter data from social media sites and allow you to collect only the information you need.

Social media listening tools are important as they provide you information through searches, alerts and reports. Below are some social media listening tools for monitoring online customer feedback to help your marketing efforts.

Social Mention is a useful search engine that lets you find social media interactions for certain keywords such as your brand or product name. This free listening tool provides you in-depth analysis, showing you the reach, strength, passion and sentiment of your chosen keywords and phrases.

Hootsuite is an easy to use listening tool which keeps you updated with social mentions for your brand and chosen keywords over popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can view social mentions by creating streams for your keywords. It also provides you the option to engage with the mentions so you can click links, reply, and repost or retweet. The tool also provides a metric form for a more solid analysis on the performance of your keywords.

This social monitoring app provides you a collective stream of information about your keywords coming from your chosen social media networks and other websites. It continuously alerts you of the mentions that your keywords are receiving in real-time so you are updated with the latest developments about your keyword. You also have the option to link Mention with your social media accounts so you can join in the conversations you come across easily.

Sprout Social is a social media monitoring tool that lets you stay on top of conversations and discussions that mentions your brand name or chosen keyword. You can sign-up for an inbox where they will send you updates of brand mentions coming from social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Brand24 is a social listening tool that keeps you updated with social media interactions that involve your brand name and brand keywords. It provides you real-time information from millions of sources giving you 24/7 updates about brand or keyword mention.

Social media listening tools lets you collect only the information that is relevant to your business, letting you know where your online customers are, and what they are saying about you.

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