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Choosing the right social media network for your business

For businesses, investing in social media has proven to be an effective way of improving their brand and company as a whole. As various social media networks offer a variety of features and demographics, choosing the right platforms to focus on will let you get optimal results. Instead of blindly signing up in all social media networks and wasting your efforts, you should consider which social media platform fits your type of business. Listed below are some of the most popular social media networks and what types of businesses fit their demographics and features.


Good for: All types of businesses

If you’re looking for a way to boost your brand visibility, Facebook still remains as one of the top social network options with its diverse 1.44 billion active monthly users that include the 70% of adults active online.

It has advertising tools which lets you customize the people your ads will reach by targeting them by demographics. Facebook also has the capability to include the meta-information of your site in your posts which can be beneficial for your SEO efforts and offers a more immersive experience for your users.

Even though it’s popularity in younger demographic has dropped as teenagers move to image-centric sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr, marketers can still benefit from the vast number of global users to increase brand awareness.


Good for: Businesses that serve up-to-date information to their customers (e-commerce sites, news/media/publishing companies)

If you’re business is related with industries that serve up-to-date information to consumers, Twitter might one of the best social media platforms for you. It’s focused on delivering real-time communication between people through 1-140 character texts which can be coupled with images or videos. People use this network to know the trends in their fields of interests hence, it’s vital for a business to be the best data source in their industry to keep users following you.

You can use this platform to release articles, new offers, sales promotions and other marketing programs that can entice your followers to visit your site or shop. Investing in Twitter can do well for your company. According to US-based digital marketing company Wishpond, consumers follow brands in Twitter more than any other network. This platform is also dominated by 18-29 year olds according to Sprout Social, making it perfect for brands targeting the millienial age group.


Good for: B2B Companies

LinkedIn is a business social network used by professional individuals to share knowledge in their industry, hire employees and hunt jobs. A large 79% of its users belong to the 35 and older age group, making it the social network with the oldest audience.

Unlike other social networks, most LinkedIn users don’t check their accounts regularly as only 13% of its active users sign in daily. This network is used by professionals mainly to update profiles, release articles, offer and look for job openings, and generate leads for their businesses.

Investing in LinkedIn is a good idea if your business in related to digital marketing, technology, finance and manufacturing as its population is dominated by professionals in these industries. It has content sharing and advertising tools that will let you showcase your profile to other professionals who may require your service.


Good for: Merchandising Businesses (fashion brands, arts & crafts, etc.)

Pinterest is deemed as the 3rd most popular social media platform and has 21% of US adults registered. It’s a social platform where users can share images and pins into their pin board. These images are usually accompanied by links to the owner’s site to increase traffic.

This visual social network is great for businesses which cater to female as 84% of its population is composed of women. It has various advertising tools which you can use to put better details in your pins including direct links to your website.

The fashion industry, photographers, hardware stores, and mostly brands that can be described using attractive and engaging image should be on Pinterest as 70% of its users utilize the platform to research on what things to buy.


Good for: Merchandising Businesses (Bars, restaurants, coffee-shops, fashion, sportswear, etc.)

Instagram is a mobile application that lets people connect through photos and images. This social network is primarily great for brands which cater to the 18-29 year old age group according to Sprout Social. Coffee-shops, restaurants and other businesses involved in food can also benefit from this platform as food photos are highly appreciated by its fan base.

However, as everyone in the platform has his or her image to share, you really have to spend time and effort to make your content stand out.


Good for: All types of Businesses

Video content is gradually becoming the most viewed and shared content online and Youtube, which has scored over 10 billion views in 2014, still remains as the giant in video sharing sites. With 52% of consumers saying that videos help boost their confidence in purchasing online. E-commerce businesses and online retailers should utilize video’s popularity in order to market their products.

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