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Five Key Insights Businesses Can Learn from Web Analytics

Website analytics plays an important role for any business who wishes to be visible on the internet. Data from analytics software such as Google Analytics and Omniture provide relevant data to business owners that can help them in making certain decisions pertaining to how they run their websites and consequently their businesses.

Depending on the nature of the business, these software can provide valuable insights to managers and company decision makers to improve different aspects of the business including operations, sales, product development and of course marketing.

This is the reason why it’s crucial for businesses to include analytics on their site. Here are some examples of useful information that businesses can extract and utilize using analytics software.

Products that sell well – The most obvious use of this data is for companies who sell products online. Analytics software makes use of tracking codes specifically designed for e-commerce website in order to track the performance of its products. Using this code, businesses can monitor which items in their product range are selling well and which ones need more promotion to get more customer traction.

Relevant content – Companies who produce their own content either through their own blog or as part of their core business function can also use analytics to track which topics and articles are most interesting to their target audience. Data on average time on site, bounce rates and page views can be extracted from analytics and give useful insights on how content can be improved on a website. Business owners can even get specific information on customer demographics that can be used for various purposes to improve their product or service.

Places where your product/service is most popular – Geographical location of customers can also be obtained using analytics. Businesses who service different locations can check which areas are their products doing well and which ones need more attention. Business owners can get data in different geographic levels from country level data down to city level information.

Effectivity of your campaigns – Analytics can also provide a gauge for the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Businesses who have ads on social networking sites or search engines, especially those whose goals is to drive traffic to the company’s website can be tracked in terms of how much traffic they contribute to the site. Additional information such as its source and referral site can also be extracted.

Consumer behavior – Web analytics can also determine certain consumer behavior that can help in business planning and marketing. Marketers can perform A/B testing experiments to know how a customer responds to different marketing activities. This should allow the business’ marketing team to more efficiently launch campaigns and activities that drive interest better.


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