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How collaboration changed the outsourcing business overnight

In the past 10 years the business process outsourcing industry has exploded overnight because of the advent of new technology in online collaboration.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) changed the telecommunication industry by obliterating long distance costs. Companies can now have a call center virtually anywhere in the world. Online tools such as instant messaging, screen sharing and web conferencing changed the way companies do business by making it easier for people to collaborate on every level.

From a telecom standpoint, companies like Five9 are changing the way call centers are born by offering an out of the box call center solutions for businesses. Companies looking to outsource their call center can cost effectively set up a PBX and call flow on the fly. A great feature with Five9 is the ability scale the amount of users without having to invest a fortune on infrastructure. Companies can start with 10 agents taking inbound calls in the first week and grow up to 100 agents the following week.

Microsoft Office Communicator (OC) is probably the most popular collaboration tool enterprise companies prefer to use. It allows the IT team to fully moderate and manage the communication within the organization. Office communicator also works within the company firewall so the IT team can block malicious spyware and virus from entering the network. Users love OC because it allows them to share screen on the fly, transfer large files almost instantly & have an instant web meeting with more than 5 people instantly.

Cisco’s video conferencing has also redefined online collaboration from an e-learning perspective. Companies in the US utilize video conferencing now to conduct extensive training classes daily with their offshore offices all over the world. The vivid clarity in video and audio quality enhances the learning experience by keep the audience engaged and attentive. Fortune 500 companies now have customer briefing and training centers equipped with state of the art Cisco video conferencing hardware in all their offices.

A concern most businesses have with outsourcing is visibility and communication. Online collaboration has done away with this concern. In fact, online collaboration has streamlined the communication between companies. Clients, in real time can work with their offshore team instantly through phone, instant messaging, web/video conference and email 24/7. To learn more about offshore online collaboration contact a Key Discovery specialist today.


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