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KDCI’s new logo design and brand identity for UCLA’s Nursing Alumni Association

In all of our years of providing creative services for different clients, one of the things we love doing the most is giving back to the community. Whether that means going on trips to provide assistance to less fortunate communities, or using our creative design skills to help out organizations, we’re always happy to be part of something meaningful. So when we were asked to create a new branding identity for our friends at APINSAA, we were more than happy to oblige.

The Creative Brief

Our task was to create a new logo and brand identity for the Asian and Pacific Islander Nursing Student and Alumni Association (APINSAA), an association sponsored by the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Nursing.


Design Concept

In creating APINSAA’s logo, one of the first things that our design team did was to conceptualize the appropriate symbols to use. We went over several symbols that would represent the association and its core values well.

We chose to go with the client’s suggestion of integrating Florence Nightingale’s lamp into the logo and brand identity we would create. As the founder of modern nursing, using Florence’s life story as a basis was a fitting and obvious choice. One of the main challenges that our team faced, however, was coming up with a unique execution of that fairly expected and common concept that would still be fresh and striking.

For the new brand logo design, we chose to go with a concept that was simple yet recognizable. We also made sure that the logo would be distinct enough for easy recall, so it would stand out from other logos of similar associations.

The colors of the logo and brand were chosen for their symbolism. Blue symbolizes loyalty and professionalism, while gold symbolizes professionalism, compassion, and courage.

In constructing the logo’s shape, we went for a more elaborate design, moving away from the more common or basic shapes to give it more of an identity and personality that would reflect the core values of the association.

When creating a brand logo and branding collaterals, understanding the purpose and the vision of the client is key. With APINSAA, we were able to create a unique logo that shows who they are as well as their core vision and mission of their organization.

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