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Non-traditional Ways to Source for Talent

In recruitment, sourcing for either active or passive candidates is one of the biggest challenges, and the hardest part of sourcing is where to look. enumerates some new sources for recruiters to ponder and consider:

Industry-specific Trade Journals. A combination of an attractive job ad and the right timing can generate a large response from many qualified candidates that read these publications.

Local Schools. Focusing on what you can offer as a company will make you stand-out in recruiting these freshly-trained and educated individuals whether through posting in school bulletins or their website, attending a career fair, or reaching out to the career center on campus.

Magnetic Signs. Ads placed on the back of your company car draw a huge number of applicants; it has the potential to expose your company to the larger talent market as well.

Media Advertising. Radio and Television Advertisement is the most powerful way to reach a larger network of potential hires, especially passive candidates.

Outdoor Advertising. An interesting and catchy advertisement offers a lot of potential for a recruiter to reach a large market of talent, similar to Media Advertising.

Out-of-the-box presentation of your company through non-traditional recruiting methods can result to widening your reach and attracting great talent for the company.


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