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Posting Strategies on Facebook for Businesses

Facebook remains to be one of the biggest social networking sites for businesses to tap into when it comes to marketing and sales thanks to its massive user base and easy to learn advertising tools. While spending dollars on advertising is the quickest route to reach a business’ target audience, businesses can choose to organically grow their reach in the platform through simple steps and that don’t require much effort.

Below are a few posting strategies on Facebook that businesses can use in order to increase reach and engagement for their brand’s page.

Use of Proper Visuals

Facebook, just like any other social network provides users with huge quantities of information from different sources all over the web. This could be in the form of shared links, images or posts from other users. So it is very important that the information you put on your page stands out. The easiest way to do this is the smart use of visuals (whether it be a photo or a video).

Image source: The Economist Facebook Page

We’re especially keen on selecting photos for posts that can immediately catch the attention of readers. The visuals used on posts should in theory evoke certain emotions from the users. The use of what marketers call a “lifestyle shot” as opposed to a product shot taken on a white background can increase the chances of people looking (and eventually) sharing your posts.

Right image, right size

As a corollary to our first point, the use of the right image sizes can drastically improve user experience on Facebook. This is especially true for shared links that make use of Facebook’s Open graph protocol that automatically extracts images on your website to add visuals to your link.

Image Source: TCG (Facebook Page)

Preview images of shared links on Facebook follow certain dimensions, and the images on your website might not conform to this. In such cases, the images are cropped to the right size and there might be times that this cropping process can make your post look weird and confusing. Fortunately, Facebook allows page managers to manually change this image with the right size, so your posts don’t lose their interest factor.

Quotes, Inspiration and Relevance

Even if your company is in the business of selling a product or service, it doesn’t mean that you should bombard your audience with marketing collaterals. Doing so can have a negative effect on your brand and might give the wrong impression to your followers. Generally, we recommend interspersing marketing-related posts with interesting or engaging posts.

Image Source: TED (Facebook Page)

In our experience, the use of quotes and inspirational posts as well as those with practical function to users work best in maintaining “reach” and engagement levels. Furthermore, using nice images together with these types of posts can further improve its effectiveness in capturing user interest.

Ask to get answers

Image Source: FIBA (Facebook Page)

Lastly, another strategy that works best in engaging with users is Q&A. The question can be in the form of a survey and can involve various topics related to your brand. It could be as simple as asking how a user’s day went or something closer to your objective as a survey about your product. This kind of strategy promotes engagement and at the same time can give you useful insights on how your target audience behaves and what their preferences are.

Header Image Source: The Next Web


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