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The Basics of Advertising on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular online social networks worldwide. With millions of users in different countries, it’s no wonder why online advertisers are reaching potential customers and getting additional exposure using this platform. If you want to utilize this network for your business, below are some basic strategies to follow.

Maintain an active account – Keep an updated account and give it a unique and pleasant vibe. Customers may lose their interest if the profile has a bland layout and outdated content.

Use images or videos for a more interactive content – This approach is effective given how popular image sharing networks are. You can do more with the 140 character limit by adding images and videos especially if you want to make your content relatable or for emphasis.

Use hashtags – Hashtags is one thing that sets Twitter apart from other networks. This feature allows users to label their posts making it searchable and even trend. Take advantage of the trending topics and hashtags to increase people’s awareness towards your brand.

Avoid hard selling – The excitement of offering something of value might be contagious but avoid being too pushy in promoting your brand. Your call to action must be on a more conversational level instead of coming off too aggressive or commanding.

Aside from being accessible, Twitter also has their own advertising platform that allows businesses to tap into local markets. Businesses that utilize the network’s own platform get access to the following:

Promoted trends – This allows businesses to advertise their chosen hashtag and make it appear as a trending topic. It may appear on the worldwide trends portion of their target demographic.

Promoted tweets – This highlights tweets from your account and has two sub-categories. These are tweets that may appear as the latest tweet on a user’s feed even if they are following the account and tweets that appear in relation to search requests. Allowing people to see relevant or interesting tweets from your account, increases the chances of your business attracting the right market.

Promoted account – This is applicable to businesses who want to attract more followers for their account. This makes your account appear as a recommendation on who to follow.

All promoted content are highlighted to ensure that users are informed that the content they see is an advertisement. If a company wants actual numbers to find out if their strategy is working, Twitter has an analytics tool that can determine the effectiveness of their campaign.

The network gives businesses an alternate platform to reach out to consumers. It is has a user-friendly interface and is easy to access with mobile support. Twitter also provides business owners with an economical way to promote brand awareness worldwide.

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