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Tips on outsourcing your social media to the Philippines

Whether your trying to grow your Facebook likes or moderate your social sites. The Philippines is among the top places in the world to outsource all your social media initiatives. In 2014, 40% of the Philippine population have active social media accounts. That’s 95% of all active internet users in the Philippines. A higher percentage of social media users in the Philippines are the younger generation that have a strong western influence. This makes them the perfect outsourcing candidates to support and drive your social media efforts.

The two aspects of social media that businesses outsource are marketing & support. There are a handful of successful digital marketing agencies in the Philippines that specialize in social media marketing. They employ top level graduates of marketing and business majors to build and promote social marketing campaigns for local and foreign companies. Also, there are a handful of social media summit’s in the Philippines – Where local social gurus discuss new trends, strategies and opportunities to further their knowledge and expertise.

Social media moderation and support is probably the biggest initiative most business outsource to the Philippines. Most companies favor an offshoring arrangement vs outsourcing model. Offshoring allows companies to have full control over the resources supporting their social media sites. It allows them to train & manage and improve the way their remote staff interact and communicate with their customers. If your looking to start outsourcing your social media to the Philippines, Key Discovery Inc., can help get you started fast and minimal cost to get something going. We can help you find and build a talented team to promote, moderate and support all your social media initiatives.Click here to find out more.


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