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Writing Engaging, Non-“Salesy” Copy

When drafting ad copies, writers tend to go overboard and start overselling their product or service by using puffed up words such as “leading brand” and “cutting edge”. However, most readers, especially the ones who’re looking for high-quality products and services get turned off when they come across “salesy” and gimmicky marketing pitches making future sales impossible.

To avoid getting ignored by your target readers, here are a few tips on how to create engaging, non-salesy copy:

Know your audience and make a connection

Before writing your copy, it’s essential for you to research about your target audience. You need to know their interests in order to write something that they will read and can connect to.

US based SEO copywriter Kathryn Aragon says that you can break through people’s sales resistance by making an intermediate connection by reflecting their thoughts and attitude in your copy. Connect and build trust between you and your audience by showing them how you will address their problems and concerns.

Use conversational style

People buy from people that they can trust and relate to, that’s why hyped copies and boring corporate lines rarely succeed in getting sales since normal people don’t talk like that. Such copies often turn off readers because it adds vagueness to the information they’re trying to get.

The trick is to write like how you would normally talk to your customers in person. You need to convey your message clearly by using natural-sounding phrases that won’t oversell what you want him or her to buy.

Benefits then features

In order to avoid sounding pushy, it’s better to focus on what your product or service will do to the life the buyer instead of listing out its attractive features. You may know the benefits of each feature your product has, but your readers don’t and it’s your job to simplify it to them.

Emphasize what your product can do for your audience and relate its features as a reference. Most of your readers make buying decisions based on how useful a product is and not on how many feature it has.

Make it easy to scan

You only have a few moments of your reader’s attention span and most of them will just scan through your copy. Add elements that can easily catch reader’s attentions such as bold fonts, attractive headlines and sub-headlines, bullets and italic texts. Use these elements to emphasize your main selling point to hook your readers into reading the whole copy.

Get creative with your “call to action”

Writing the usual “Buy Now” phases will make you sound too salesy and pushy, so use words that doesn’t sound manipulative and controlling. Avoid trying to influence your readers, instead, present your information honestly and clearly and let them make buying decisions on their own.

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