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The biggest doggy day
out in all of London


Discover Dogs is London's biggest doggy trade show. Once a year. over 200 different breeds, exhibits, and other furry fun activites are featured in this world class display. Their website was given a more updated look to keep more dog lovers engaged. We covered bases such as creating a mobile-first design all the way up to search engine optimization.

The goal:

Grow Discover Dogs' audience
with a fully functional site that
will entice the audience to
learn more about them.

Organic traffic

growth rate


“At Discover Dogs, we were looking
to build a team that could cement
our place as the most massive
doggy trade show in all of London.
We were delighted to see the website
garner hit after hit. We share our milestone
with the amazing team at KDCI!”

- William Jacobs, Head of Operations




Digital Trends.


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