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Enriching coffee experiences with an energized identity


Reborn Coffee is an award-winning and eco-friendly provider of sprouted coffee. Using the latest technology in accelerated germination, their coffee beans maintain the rich aroma and complexities throughout the roasting process. KDCI worked with Reborn Coffee as its creative provider for retail marketing campaigns. The campaign will aid the launch of its pour over coffee bags, enabling the product stand out in the aisles of leading grocery outlets and eCommerce platforms.

The goal:

Develop product awareness for
Reborn Coffee through effective
visual identity

Increase in assets

after launch


“We were pleased with the team's work ethic and commitment to stick to our company values. KDCI has exceptional knowledge of logos and branding. They also offered great suggestions and feedback that helped streamlined our vision for the new product. ”

- Willard Lindsey, Head Of Operations




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