KDCI offers a wide range of specialized business process outsourcing solutions across diverse industries and verticals.

The most awesome people on our team are ready to work for you

Back Office Support

From simple data encoding to complex administrative support, we find the right people to assist your back office operations.

Contact Center Services

We specialize in providing outsourced multi-channel contact center services letting your business stay within the reach of your market.

Creative Services

We have a deep talent pool of designers, illustrators and copywriters ready to cater to your creative requirements.

Web / App Development

Our developers combine digital expertise with the latest technology to help your business meet its targets.

Our diverse team of professionals, experts, and specialists are primed and ready to support your business!

What we can do for you

KDCI provides efficient and cost-effective business process outsourcing solutions by providing highly-skilled, well-experienced business professionals, experts, and specialists. We offer unparalleled support for various business functions and practices. Our versatile team can support businesses from any industry or business size, whether it's a startup or an established corporation, they can handle projects with speed, precision and assured quality.

Domain mastery

We have 15+ years of experience in providing business process outsourcing solutions and have built a team of highly skilled professionals throughout those years. Our team is composed of professionals that are specifically trained in various business functions and practices. They have vast domain knowledge and experience in their specializations, which enables them to achieve consistent high quality results for any project or task that they are assigned in. Fueled by their years of experience, they can provide valuable insights, suggestions, or improvements to the processes that they manage or handle.

Customizable service

We have flexible business process outsourcing solutions that adapts to your business requirements and budgets. We have a team of account managers that are adept in developing individualized solutions for our partners. Our team starts with understanding your requirements, documenting your desired processes, evaluating your goals and developing a customized partner-centric solution that address all of your needs. From small-scale design projects, to wide-scale data entry campaigns, we can handle any specific business need without problem or delay. 

Speed and precision

Our dedication to quality is one of our proudest strengths. Our devoted team of professionals are trained to follow specific guidelines and processes that ensures that quality standards and turnaround time of assigned projects or campaigns are always met, if not exceeded. They undergo continuous training, internal reviews, and coaching, which ensures that their performance is continuously tracked, developed and optimized.