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Top 5 Best Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines

Lauded as one of the top Business Process Outsourcing capitals of the world, the Philippines is considered as an outsourcing paradise by many businesses around the world. Its consistent ranking as one of the world’s top BPO destinations shows that it is a country which truly has a lot to offer to companies looking to expand their operations and scale their growth.

Need more convincing?

Here are the top five reasons why you should pick this top business offshoring destination for your next outsourcing initiative.

1. Higher profit margin

Lower costs mean higher profit margins. Outsourcing to a developing country means lower labor costs, lower overhead costs, as well as lower taxes. All of these things translate to you being able to get the most value for your money and being able to run your business with higher profit margins.

2. Large talent pool

The Philippines, with its 7,641 islands, is home to a large talent pool of skilled professionals that are passionate and highly-motivated to excel in multiple fields. There is no shortage of talent and expertise in the Philippines, and it is a great resource to tap into in order to acquire the type of great people you need for your company, who you may not have access to locally.

3. High Literacy and English Proficiency

The Philippines has a high functional literacy rate and it is also recognized as one of the largest English-speaking nations in the world. The Philippines has consistently been among the top ASEAN countries with the highest English proficiency rates, and English is the main language of education, law, as well as commerce.

What this means is that you won’t have to worry about language barriers in business communication, and you are guaranteed a smooth workflow process.

4. Great workforce

Filipinos are detail-oriented, hardworking, and reliable workers who are dedicated to helping companies reach their goals. They are also hospitable, friendly, and humble, making them some of the best people to work with. This combination of having an excellent work ethic as well as a great disposition make for a workforce that is truly dependable and trustworthy.

5. Government support

The Philippine government understands the major economic role of the BPO industry, which provides jobs to over 1.15 million people in the country. It has multiple measures in place, such as tax adjustments and infrastructure development to fully support its growth and development. It also works closely with different organizations to provide BPO courses to various educational institutions, in effect preparing a specialized workforce primed for the BPO industry.

The Philippines truly has a lot to offer to companies looking to manage their business processes. Outsourcing to the Philippines isn’t a gamble, and it could very well be the next best step for your business.  

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