Print & Graphic Design Outsourcing Services

We provide a premier graphic design service for startups and established corporations by providing a team of part-time and full-time graphic designers.

  • Expertise in designing flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters & business cards
  • Highly skilled team of graphic designers that use the latest technologies in graphic design
  • 15+ years experience in providing world class print and graphic design services
  • Customizable & scalable pricing structure that fits your business needs

Our Work

KDCI has an all-inclusive print and design service that can accommodate any business need. From corporate branding to print collateral creation, we can develop a tailor-made service just for you. Here are some of our accomplished projects


Branding / Print Collateral Design

Coast Flight Training

Branding / Print Collateral Design

Cool Pet Pad

Print Collateral Design


Branding / Print Collateral Design

Planet Art

Magazine Layout


Branding / Print Collateral Design


Print Ad

Tomaro Design Group

Branding / Print Collateral Design


Magazine Layout

Tutti Frutti - Flavor Tags

Print Collateral Design

Tutti Frutti - Froyo To Go

Packaging Design

Tutti Frutti - Froyo Bars

Packaging Design

KDCI Advantage

Our Great Designers

At KDCI we have an entire graphic design team at your service, trained in the latest technologies (including Adobe’s Creative Cloud) and fully vetted for their creativity and attention to detail.

Quick Turnaround Time

We ensure to accomplish projects well within the scheduled delivery time by utilizing a systematic and efficient approach to our design processes.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to strict quality control processes for every project we undertake. We perform quality reviews at every stage of the production process, to ensure that guidelines are always met.

Streamlined Process

Collaboration, from start to finish. Our work is done in a fluid process that removes unnecessary barriers that causes delay and increases cost.

Simple & easy pricing models

Our pricing models are flexible, we offer staff leasing and Pay-per-project options that give you more control over your costs.

We offer a flat-rate pricing model that covers your entire project brief and specification requirements. We will work closely with you in scoping out the tasks needed to be done and provide you with a custom solution that fits your timeline and budget. This pricing model is great for startups that are looking for a partner that can help them effectively scale cost and drive growth.

Some of the tasks that could be outsourced are:

  • Print Collateral
  • Business Card Layout and Design
  • Postcard Layout and Design
  • Brochure Layout and Design
  • Flyers Layout and Design
  • Catalog Layout and Design
  • Poster Layout and Design
  • Magazine Layout and Design

Under the staff leasing model, you can hire your own dedicated full-time graphic designer to work on all your specific support requirements. For larger scale projects, we can set you up with a dedicated team to work closely with your existing organization. The dedicated resources you hire will work as an extension of your organization and will adapt to your business’ culture, requirements and processes.

Job Positions you can lease:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Illustrators
  • 2D/3D Animators
  • Adobe Design Experts

Perfect for any business size

We enable startups and established organizations the ability to obtain cost-effective high-quality labor without the added strains of accompanied overhead costs, by allowing the allocation of monotonous repetitive tasks to our team of skilled specialists.

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