Project Management Services

We provide highly skilled part-time and full-time project managers that specialize in leading and driving successful web and mobile app development projects.

  • Specialized team of IT project managers that have experience in developing various web applications for various industries
  • Expertise in agile development methodologies and practices
  • 15+ years experience in providing world class project management outsourcing services
  • Customizable & scalable pricing structure that fits your business needs

KDCI specializes in providing high-quality cost-effective project management and staffing solutions that work.

What we can do for you

KDCI provides a proven cost-effective project management approach that yields tremendous increase in project management efficiency and turnaround time. We offer a dedicated project manager that will manage the project activities of our partners. Using the best practices, methodological approaches and international standards, our project manager can minimize project expenses massively through the elimination work inefficiencies.

Job functions you can outsource to KDCI

Process Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Tool Implementation
  • Technology Integration
  • Timeline Creation
  • System and Application Audit
  • Budget Forecasting

Developer Recruitment

  • Staff Sourcing
  • Staff Selection
  • Staff Orientation
  • Staff Training

Team Management

  • Goal Setting
  • Task Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Result Appraisals
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Coordinating Task Progress
  • Policy, System and Procedures Enforcement

Full-contact management

Through the use of our Agile development process, our project managers can increase the efficiency and turnaround time of the development of web applications. Our project managers mainly use dynamic processes that are rooted towards the Agile development methodology, using an adaptive development philosophy, continuous integration, automated unit testing, test-driven development and daily scrum meetings, our processes minimizes the overall risks and wastes in the development cycle.

Transparency of work

We ensure that communication problems are eliminated throughout the process. Our project managers effectively and actively organizes and prepares project progress reports for all management levels, which makes sure that everyone is notified of the status of the projects at hand.

Stringent operational procedures

We have a series of meticulously set control procedures that ensure that the quality of our development processes are always met. Constant internal reviews, continuous process optimization, and data validity checks are just some of the control procedures that we set for our services.

Simple & easy pricing models

Our pricing models are flexible, we offer staff leasing and Pay-per-project options that give you more control over your costs.

We offer a flat-rate pricing model that covers your entire project brief and specification requirements. We will work closely with you in scoping out the tasks needed to be done and provide you with a custom solution that fits your timeline and budget. This pricing model is great for startups that are looking for a partner that can help them effectively scale cost and drive growth.

Some of the tasks that could be outsourced are:

  • Management of Mobile App Development
  • Management of CRM Platform Development
  • Management of Website Optimization
  • Management of Website Development
  • Management of Process Optimization

Under the staff leasing model, you can hire your own dedicated full-time project manager to work on all your specific web development requirements. For larger scale projects, we can set you up with a dedicated team to work closely with your existing organization. The dedicated resources you hire will work as an extension of your organization and will adapt to your business’ culture, requirements and processes.

Job positions you can lease:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Support Specialist
  • Team Lead (Mobile App Development)
  • Team Lead (Web App Development)
  • Back Office Support Staff
  • Project Coordinator

Perfect for any business size

We enable startups and established organizations the ability to obtain cost-effective high-quality labor without the added strains of accompanied overhead costs, by allowing the allocation of monotonous repetitive tasks to our team of skilled specialists.