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5 Ways to Spend Extra Cash Wisely

Congratulations! You've earned extra income from your business — an influx of additional cash will surely eliminate financial stress. While you deserve a reward for the hustle, It's also a good idea to step back and plan how to spend it wisely.

If you're looking for some tips on how to spend the extra money, look no further — here are five tips on how to allocate extra income.

Invest in your business

If you're already making extra money from your business, why not help it grow so that you could earn more? Spend some money to market your business, improve skills through seminars, or even upgrade equipment for better output. Anything that will help you attract more clients will certainly help you make more income.

Allot majority of the cash to your main financial goal

Always keep your main financial goals in mind. Business expenses will always add up quickly, so make sure to set aside some of that extra income and invest in your main financial goals. Reviewing and adding the majority of your extra income as profit allows you to pay off your debts faster and fine-tune where your money goes. Additional money will aid you in anticipating and addressing future obstacles as well.

Have some fun

While it's essential to plan and be smart about money, it's also necessary to have a little bit of fun too. Set aside a small amount to treat yourself and show appreciation to your employees. Just don't forget to take care of priorities first. 

Give back to your local community

You don't have to be a large corporation with a massive pool of money to contribute to society. You can give back through various ways like sponsoring a fundraiser and donating your skills. No matter how you decide to use your extra money to support your society, it will always leave a long-lasting impression on building a positive reputation.

Buy time

Running a business full time will surely take up your time. With so many tasks on your plate, you'll be overwhelmed. Why not turn your extra cash to valuable time and a helping hand? Outsourcing your business would free up your time and will allow you to focus on more important matters. A smart move would be to outsource basic tasks so that you can find other channels for your business to grow and earn more.


Most business owners tend to spend their extra income on paying debts or blowing everything on things they want versus things that they need. Both options leave an empty feeling — so it’s important that you learn to balance it all out. Spend your money wisely; allot majority of your extra funds towards business growth before taking a small percentage and keeping it to yourself - these are all key tips to ensure that you are truly spending your extra cash wisely.


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