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E-Commerce Businesses To Gain Success Through Automation

E-commerce is a big part of the generation today. We’ve seen online stores open here and there and with everything flourishing online, there definitely is no stopping them. The future looks good for creating businesses online so let’s take a look on what trends we are expecting to happen this year.

One sure thing for merchants and retailers, ecommerce automation has started to become a huge deal, and companies leveraging in this trend have a massive competitive advantage. Give it a little bit of time, but it will soon become table stakes.

In this era, you can automate all kinds of things. For example, you can now set a rule in your eCommerce platform that if an order comes in that is deemed “medium risk.” An email automatically goes to the finance department to investigate. For a high-risk order, you can set a rule to automatically cancel the order. It’s just like marketing automation, but even more powerful.

By off-loading decision-making from humans to an automated system, you get the thing we all need in order to be more successful: time.

This is the advantage we see in automation. ­It feeds into how you can focus on the stuff that actually has impact, like creating more personalized experiences for customers. A lot of retailers may need help in how to show their relevant products, how to send the right email at the right time to the right person with the right message, all of those. This is  a response to an increased mission for personalization and streamlining user-experience is becoming really important.

Secondly, some companies have also moved toward mobile payments and wallet apps so people don’t have to type in all their personal information at checkout. We’ve all been in a situation where we try to check out and it’s 17 minutes later and you’re still not out yet. If it’s a crappy experience, then it must be an intuitive thing. And it’s a huge point where your customers can drop off.

Finally, we see that social media is going to continue to be a huge driver for eCommerce. As a result, you’re seeing things like shopping directly on Instagram.

Only the future knows what else we have in store for the success of e-commerce businesses. But KDCI Outsourcing remains ready for these challenges. If you are in need of a team to help develop your eCommerce websites, contact us to learn more about our projects, teams and service.

Source: Entrepreneur


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