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Website Services


Website Services

KDCI Outsourcing is a full-service agency that you can partner up with to get your startup website up and running without the worry of technicalities. Our professional web team of developers and digital marketing experts are proficient in web design, development, and digital marketing. From wireframing, development, and marketing, we’ll work with you to create a website that accomplishes your business’ needs.

Our tailor-made approach is perfect for startup businesses. We carefully analyze your business and target market to create the perfect strategy then we develop and design websites with search engine optimization in mind. We’ll keep improving your website both on and off-page through maintenance and marketing. KDCI’s objective is to help you introduce your business to the right people through market analysis and showcasing your company in the best light.

Web Development

Web Development
Our web development experts create high-quality websites through various platforms, making sure that all web pages are functional. We also regularly check your website for issues keeping it updated and relevant.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Our SEO experts understand the ins and outs of SEO as well as how to improve your on-page optimization to attract and convert leads into paying customers, increasing your ROI.

Web Design

Web Design
Our web design specialists know exactly how to develop the best design strategy for your startup. Our team can create your brand design, build wireframes and, and layout effective UI and UX to attract and convert possible sales.
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What platform do you build your websites on?

Our team of web developers are experts in multiple platforms. If you have a specific one in mind, or you want our recommendation, we’ll gladly choose one for you.

Can you help me write content for my website?

Yes. We include copywriting and editing in all of our projects. We can also help build your sitemap to structure the foundation of your website in the planning stages.

How long does it take to build a website?

Time will always vary from project to project. But our standard websites take approximately 60 days to create while e-commerce or websites that have a specific functionality take approximately 90 days.

Can you help me update my existing website that another web agency built?

Yes. We can support websites that have already been built. We’ll carefully audit your site for both content and development-side, and we’re going to recommend the next steps to improve them.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with a broad range of company types, from start-ups, corporations, B2B, B2C, and more. Across many industries like technology, food, apparel, and finance.

Do I own my website?

Yes! Everything that we design and develop will be 100% owned by you. Most of our clients stay with us for the life of the website. But if for any reason you decided to take your site to another hosting service, we will happily assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.

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