Joanne Badon Recruitment Manager
Hello, I’m
Recruitment Manager
Ortigas, Pasig City
Talent Acquisition & Personnel Sourcing

Written & Verbal Communication

Social Media Engagement & Marketing

Applicant Tracking

Joanne stands out as a seasoned recruiter and leader in the BPO industry, bringing 10 years of rich experience to her role. She specializes in a broad spectrum of recruitment areas, including volume, corporate, technical, and multilingual roles. Her expertise covers various sectors such as Financial Services, Mobile and Telecommunications, Creative and Development, RPO, Airline Operations, Hotel Reservations, Social Media Operations, Phone Banking Services, and Local Government Services.

Her skill set extends beyond traditional recruitment; Joanne is adept in Sourcing and Selection, Management, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). She is recognized for her excellent communication and listening skills, which are pivotal in building strong rapport and engaging with both candidates and clients. As a problem solver with good time management abilities, Joanne stays up to date with current market trends and continuously engages in research. Her collaborative and ethical approach, coupled with her respectfulness, makes her not only an effective team player but also an advocate for her organization's mission and vision.