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What It's Like Working With Your Offshore Team

What It's Like Working With Your Offshore Team

KDCI:  Experience Seamless Collaboration

When you partner with KDCI Outsourcing, we make sure that your offshore team seamlessly integrates with your organization 
and can provide your inhouse teams the support they need. Below are key features that make our teams exceptional.
Female staff from KDCI offshore team is working on her laptop in an office in the Philippines, showing she is the right fit for the job

The Right Fit

When you build your team with KDCI Outsourcing, your team members will not only have the necessary experience and expertise, but they will also possess qualities that make them the best fit for your organization. This is because we screen and hand pick each member of your team, making sure that they can seamlessly integrate into your organization, working neck to neck and growing with your inhouse team.
2 offshore team members from KDCI smiling at camera, showing cultural compatibility with Western companies

Cultural Compatibility

KDCI Outsourcing specializes in building teams that can easily adapt to any organization and work environment. When choosing your team members, we look for good energy, optimistic attitude, and willingness to learn – attributes that make them exceptionally trainable and versatile workers. We also emphasize English proficiency and a strong connection to Western culture to ensure effective communication with your in-house team. Lastly, we carefully train our people to acclimate with any organization, guaranteeing smooth integration and effortless collaboration.
computer monitor displaying apps to show skills & talent of KDCI offshore team in the Philippines

Skills & Talent

KDCI Outsourcing values skills and talent when selecting members for your team. We look for people with adequate experience and the right expertise to make sure they can meet your expectations. We also find talented people because we recognize that when provided with the right opportunities, these individuals can grow and flourish into amazing contributors, bringing additional value to their teams and your organization.
female account manager in an office helps client oversee their offshore team in the Philippines with managed operations with KDCI

Managed Operations

As a reliable business partner, KDCI Outsourcing protects your trust by keeping you fully informed of our processes. We clearly outline our operations, provide regular updates, keep our communication channels open, submit regular reports, and alert you for potential disruptions or issues that may arise. And should you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to your dedicated account manager who will respond to you within working hours or as soon as they are able.
male dedicated account manager of KDCI offshore team provides clients with valuable insights via computer

Valuable Insights

By managing your operations with you, we are strategically positioned to gain information that you may not access otherwise. This allows us to provide you recommendations which can help improve your business, products, and services, giving your business a huge advantage.
male account manager of KDCI offshore team looks at projected report during streamlining & optimization process

Streamlining & Optimization

A distinguishing feature of our service lies in our capability to streamline your business operations. As we familiarize with your systems and processes, we identify areas of improvement and take the necessary steps to streamline your operations, thereby enhancing productivity and maximizing results.
3 offshore team members at KDCI builds reliability & trust with the client

Reliability & Trust

KDCI Outsourcing is more than just a service provider; we’re a dedicated partner invested in your business success. With over 13 years of experience in building dedicated teams for a diverse range of organizations to boost their operations, we possess the expertise required to help you meet your business goals. Our exceptional ability to match clients with the right people sets us apart, ensuring reliability and trust that are unmatched in the industry.
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