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Building Your Team with KDCI Outsourcing

Building your Team with KDCI outsourcing

KDCI: Offshore Partner of Choice

KDCI Outsourcing has provided custom outsourcing solutions to companies across North America, Europe, and Australia for 13+ years with our expertise in building excellent offshore teams in the Philippines. Below is a step-by-step process of how we help you with building your team:
Building your team with KDCI step 1: a female customer service agent in the Philippines is booking a call with the customer

1. Exploratory Call

Is outsourcing the right strategy for your business?

Through a no commitment call, we will discuss your needs and requirements, helping you determine whether building your team in the Philippines is the right strategy for your business.
Building your team with KDCI step 2: strategists in the Philippines are developing a custom outsourcing strategy for clients

2. Custom Outsourcing Strategy

If you think building your team in the Philippines will benefit your organization, our account manager will work with you in identifying your objectives, outlining the roles needed, and setting expectations. Based on this information, we will tailor an outsourcing strategy and send you a proposal with a quotation for your approval.
Building your team with KDCI step 3: A male outsourcing account manager in the Philippines is facilitating contract signing with the client

3. Contract Signing

After approving our proposal, we’ll finalize the partnership by signing a service order and collecting an initial deposit. This deposit is fully refundable within the first 30 days of our partnership should you be unsatisfied with our service.
Building your team with KDCI step 4: staff are gathered in an office in the Philippines while the client selects their team members

4. Selecting Your Team Members

With a clear outsourcing plan, our recruiters will begin screening and interviewing applicants from their extensive pool of candidates using any exams or tests of your choice. Then, we will coordinate with you to schedule interviews so you can hand pick the individuals who will be joining your team.
Building your team with KDCI step 5: a hiring manager in the Philippines vets and trains hired staff

5. Hiring, Vetting, & Training

Once we’ve selected the members for your team, we will hire, vet, and train them on your products and/or services to ensure they can provide your company with the highest quality of service.
Building your team with KDCI step 6: team members in the Philippines undergo onboarding & integration in an office

6. Onboarding & Integration

Industries experiencing variable customer demand may find the Project-based service model more advantageous. Rather than committing to FTEs or a retainer, clients pay based on individual projects or upon completion of specific tasks. This pricing structure is favored by clients with significant workload fluctuations, scaling up operations primarily during peak seasons.
Building your team with KDCI step 7: staff and manager collaborate for continuous monitoring & improvement in managed operations

7. Continuous Monitoring & Improvement

With your team up and running, our job will be to monitor and support your operations by monitoring KPIs (attendance, productivity, and quality), providing regular progress reports, and alerting you of potential challenges. Additionally, we’ll provide you feedback on your products and/or services for continuous improvement.


At the end of the day, KDCI Outsourcing is not just a service provider, we’re a business partner committed to helping you reach your business goals.
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