Renan Golosino Recruitment Specialist
Hello, I’m
Recruitment Specialist
Ortigas, Pasig City
Talent Acquisition & Personnel Sourcing

Written & Verbal Communication

Social Media Engagement & Marketing

Applicant Tracking

Renan, also known as Renz, is a seasoned recruiter for a wide array of roles within the IT and BPO industries, with over four years of experience. His expertise spans a comprehensive range of positions, from technical roles like Web and App Developers, Software Engineers, Full-stack Engineers, to non-technical roles such as Customer Experience Representatives and Digital Advertising Specialists.

Renz' approach to recruitment is marked by his exceptional listening skills, professionalism, and empathy. He is known for being respectful and open to feedback, making him not only a friendly and helpful team member but also a valuable asset in any recruitment scenario.