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The KDCI Creative Design QA Process

At KDCI, we take pride in providing top-notch service for our clients. This is exactly why we’ve developed a top-notch Quality Assurance process that guarantees the 100% flawless creative execution of our design team every single time.

Here’s what we do:

We follow our clients’ brand guidelines in detail.

For every task given by a client, we make sure that we get the corresponding job brief. Once we receive our clients’ brief and brand guidelines, we make sure to read, understand, and internalize them to ensure that we execute the job according to the correct standards.

We use an internal design checklist to review each stage of design.

Having a proper workflow is essential to getting the best output. This is why we use an internal design checklist so every step of the design process is checked and monitored. Our preferred tool for this is Trello since it is perfect for collaborative work, as well as monitoring specific workflow processes.

We use multiple applications to spell check our work.

Nothing ruins great designs more than spelling errors. This is why before designs are finalized, any and all text is checked and double-checked using various spell check applications such as Adobe and Grammarly.    

Every designer is held accountable by a QA scorecard.

At KDCI, we have a proprietary QA scorecard that we use to monitor and grade our designers according to different metrics such as accuracy, quality of work, workflow adherence, and the like. The results of our QA scorecard is relayed during weekly feedback sessions which ensure that our designers are accountable for the work that they produce.

We regularly have training sessions to improve the design process.

We are never satisfied with mediocre work. This is why we make sure that we take measures to ensure the continuous growth and development of each member of our design team. This includes holding monthly training sessions as well as encouraging our team to attend Creative Design events and conferences.

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