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Email marketing is a direct and personal way of reaching your core audience. It can be easily tailored to meet your customer's needs, making it a sure-fire way to gain their interest. From company information to customer feedback, the list of topics for emails is almost endless.

Our team of professional email marketing specialists knows the importance of a well-managed email marketing campaign. Email marketing remains to be one of the most effective channels in terms of audience reach and ROI. KDCI Outsourcing can help you maximize the use of this channel through targeted and highly-personalized emails. We use different email marketing platforms such as CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, Drip, and GetResponse.

01 Full-Service Email Marketing
Our team has got you covered from marketing strategy, email design, copywriting, and HTML development, and analytics. We do it all under one roof, making it a more cost-effective solution for our clients.

02 Data-Driven
Our email marketing team conducts in-depth market, competitor, and audience analysis. Our strategies are built on insights we get from analytics, so we can segment and personalize our campaigns to send the right message to the right people.

03 Expert Monitoring and Analytics
We use detailed analytics to learn from past failures and successes and continuously optimize our campaigns with corrective actions. We monitor campaign success using metrics such as the subscribers, open rates, and conversions.

04 Seamless Campaign Integration
We are adept at using various email service providers such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Eloqua. We can also easily integrate with your preferred email marketing software.

Email Campaign Strategy

We will create and develop an email content strategy rooted in buyer psychology, with content that understands your audience, the challenges they face, and how they make decisions. Our email marketing specialists can help you segment the email list and create personas for targeted and highly-personalized emails that are aligned with your goals.

Our goal-driven strategies are backed by hard data, and we always optimize the subject lines, messaging, and calls-to-action for maximum conversions. We track user behavior with analytics and routinely monitor campaign performance to track KPIs and make sure the campaign is right on track.

Email Campaign Management

Our team has the technical expertise needed to make sure that your email campaign is optimized to maximize gains. We can automate your campaign, comply with the CAN-SPAM act, A/B test various elements, and make sure your emails actually reach your audience’s inbox at the right time.

We stay on top of list hygiene, audience segmentation, and continuous optimization of your email marketing campaigns to increase your conversion rate and ROI. Our team is adept at using different email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact.

Email Design and Development

Our team of design experts is adept at building responsive email designs that integrate seamlessly with any email client ecosystem. We make sure that all emails are in compliance with the best practices of HTML email design and development on dimensions, web fonts, and code writing.

Years of experience have allowed us to effectively design conversion-centered HTML emails. We use tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Litmus, and Email on Acid to write the code and preview our work to test its impact and performance across email service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Top Tools We Use for Email Marketing:

Campaign Monitor
Silver Pop

Constant Contact

Mailer Lite

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver

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