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Does your company need exposure in various search engine results? Here at KDCI Outsourcing, we offer search engine marketing services that will drive significant results for your business. Using tried and true SEM services, we can create a strategy that is uniquely yours.

Our SEM team will generate demand for your business by putting it at the forefront of the search results page. We can help you get immediate results and increase your revenue, sales, and leads by utilizing the top search ad platforms of today -- Google Ads and Bing Ads. Our SEM team takes advantage of the wealth of marketing data and features that these platforms have to offer, all to help you drive qualified traffic to your site, get them to convert, and increase your ROI.

01 Data-Driven & Highly Analytical
Our SEM experts conduct in-depth market and competitor analysis as well as keyword research as part of our strategy creation process. We plan well-structured campaigns that are targeted to get highly qualified traffic.

02 Value for Money
SEM efforts cost money, and we make it our mission to give you the best bang for your buck. We are serious about generating ROI for our clients, and we make every effort to lower costs and maximize conversions.

03 Transparency
We make it a point to maintain complete transparency with our clients, with regular reports on ad spending and campaign performance. Our clients retain full access to the ad platform and all of their data.

04 Certifications
All members of our SEM team are certified across a variety of ad platforms -- Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. Your SEM campaign will rest in the capable hands of our highly trained professionals.

PPC Advertising

We learn every aspect of our client’s sales funnel to optimize the campaign and lower the cost-per-lead accordingly. Our team does this all while improving your overall Google Quality Score by providing a competent user experience.

A comprehensive strategy involving site link extensions, optimized copy, strategic bidding, and more will cover the growth of factors such as landing page relevance, click-through rate, and ad relevance. Whether you need to fine-tune your existing campaigns or set up a new campaign from scratch, our team of PPC specialists will manage all aspects of the campaign and monitor its performance daily.

A/B Testing

Our analysts are capable of experimenting and comparing variations of a campaign such as landing pages, ad texts, headlines, calls-to-actions, or any element of a marketing campaign or ad. We use industry-standard tools such as Google Optimize, VWO, and Five Second Test.

Sorting out which approach lets you hack time-based factors fast will become hassle-free with our help. Our team runs examinations using a choice of either single or multi-variant testing. Using empirical data gathered from our strict set of metrics, you can be confident in determining how to best improve the conversion rate and ROI of your project.

Ad Creation

Our team can develop effective search ads for PPC. You can have conversion-focused ads that benefit your brand awareness and at the same time, reads well on whichever platform you want it to be. We write the headline, the description, and target specific keywords. The results work great even for local SEO and are optimized for mobile and traffic generation.

Using ad extensions and split testing, we increase your click-through rate and maintain high-performing ads. This helps you appeal to relevant search intent and convert the audience into qualified leads.

Keyword Research

Our SEM team makes it a point to find the keywords in the sweet spot between volume, value, and competition. We excel at generating and organizing high-performing keywords for any industries like eCommerce and according to any buyer persona. Managing the relevance of keyword lists by either expanding or elimination can also be left to the hands of our experts to keep your PPC campaigns fresh and effective.

With an audience-first mindset, our team searches for keywords that will strategically give our clients more value for their money by always thinking of user intent.

Landing Page Design

Our team can give your landing pages everything it needs in order to get your audience to convert. Our landing page projects are made to match search engine queries. We keep your landing page consistent with the PPC ad campaign you have to urge reader retention.

Using actual visitor behavior data, our copywriters work hand-in-hand with our UI/UX designers to create the best possible landing page for your ads, with compelling copy that matches your ads, distraction-free designs, and a clear path to conversion.

Top Tools We Use for Search Engine Marketing:

Google Ads
Bing Ads
Google Trends
Zero Fox
Agora Pulse
Optin Monster
Sprout Social
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver

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