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We’re a full-package, one-stop-shop eCommerce Customer Support service that will help your customers maximize your product’s benefits as well as provide diverse and proactive technical support in other areas of your business. Our team of customer support agents will use their expert knowledge of customer support interaction to meet the needs of consumers throughout their lifecycle stage.

Our expertise span various industries, from retail, tech, food, and everything in between. However big or small your customer base is, we want to be your partner in delivering the best experience for your customers.

01 Expert Customer Support Agents
Our expert team of customer agents provides scalable solutions on all customer-related inbound issues. Using your existing documentation or database, we offer a complete onboarding guide for your outsourced team. We guarantee to resolve issues and concerns your customers have in a timely manner.

02 Custom Key Performance Indicators
We set objectives particularly for your outsourced team to pave an attainable path towards your business goals. Indicators such as CSAT, net promoter scores, and churn rates allow for service improvement according to empirical data.

03 24/7 Capabilities
Scale more by integrating support systems manned by experts around the clock. Through text, chat, or call, you can easily coordinate with our versatile team to configure support channels according to your operations.

04 Quality Assurance Warranty
We will work with your business to set standards that your outsourced team needs to meet. These standards will be compared against average statistics. So should a member fall short, we will provide him or her with additional training, one-on-one coaching, and other steps necessary to improve your customer support channel’s overall performance.

Chat Support

Based in the Philippines, we are at the forefront of customer care and support services for companies across multiple industries. Our goal is to provide unmatched live chat customer service and technical support that allows you to focus on your core tasks and functions.

Our team of live customer service representatives will assist in boosting conversions and overall returns-on-investment. By providing non-voice but personable support to purchasers, they can maintain your number of repeat customers as well as monitoring your online business’ number of visits, visitors, geographical data, time spent on a page, etc.

Email Support

Email continues to be one of the leading channels of non-voice communication for businesses. Over the years, we have catered to a wide range of industries such as software, real estate, logistics, retail, etc. Today, we outsource cost-effective email support services to companies and organizations across the world.

More than a BPO, we are your partners. Our goal is to assist your company to improve its customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance company branding. Our customer email representatives are diligent in managing and monitoring your purchasers’ concerns, issues, and inquiries. Whether they are tasked with supporting your various businesses, customer care, and marketing activities, our experts will provide professional, on-brand but personable email writing with efficiency and effectivity.

Voice Support

To date, we possess the expertise in voice customer service support as well as customer relationship management. We have relieved our clients of hiring and training staff through our cost-effective outsourcing services and customized voice support packages. This includes working hours and days of operation that meet your business needs and the demands of your customers.

Our experts on customer support use their strong interpersonal skills to manage large amounts of inbound and outbound calls and seize opportunities to upsell your products and/or services. Their support will give your business a more engaging and sustainable relationship with customers, an accurate pool of data on customer needs, and a greater ability to meet qualitative and quantitative targets.

Omnichannel Support

The channels in which consumers interact and seek support from companies are changing. It is now more important that the sales cycle should leverage various communication platforms for effective and smoother customer outreach. Whether it involves lead generation, sales support or loyalty promotion, we provide businesses of all sizes a multi-channel contact center that will assist in the process of client interaction, sales experience, and overall growth of your organization.

We work with contact center personnel that have been rigorously trained in delivering superb customer care and service. They are well versed in the requirements of all communication channels. Whether its live chat, email, or voice, the accuracy, tone, and level of professionalism will be of the highest caliber.

Top Tools We Use for Customer Support:

Zoho Desk

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