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KDCI Outsourcing’s web team specialize in developing full-fledged eCommerce website through platforms such as Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and WooCommerce. We also do custom website development and perform all required integrations — everything from payment gateways, inventory management systems, ERP systems, POS systems, and other third party software.

We can migrate legacy systems into more modern ones, and customize your eCommerce website according to your specific requirements. Aside from that, our full-service eCommerce website development service also includes SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility.

01 Expert Website Developers
Our expert team of website developers has the professional experience and expertise to effectively do virtually whatever you need them to in your eCommerce website. Whether it’s something as easy as website maintenance or creating your eCommerce website from scratch, our team can do it all.

02 Professional Integration
Our website developers are experts in making sure that all the different integrations that you need, such as ERP systems, accounting software, payment gateway, third party API, systems administration, load balancing, and different databases are all integrated to your website.

03 Website Maintenance and Support
We make it our mission to ensure that your site is in optimum condition at all times, with zero downtime. We make every effort to make sure that your customers get an exceptional shopping experience through continuous site maintenance and optimization.

04 Privacy and Security
Our web team always make sure that all eCommerce websites we build are free from fraud and equipped with standard security and encryption protocols to prevent any and all security and privacy breaches from happening, especially with confidential billing information.

Shopify Development

Our Shopify developers can build you an online store with our end-to-end Shopify development service. Whether you need a Shopify store from scratch, a complete redesign of your existing store, or to migrate your store to Shopify, we make sure that you get a responsive and feature-rich online store that converts.

We can help you with everything from custom theme development, set up of product detail pages, custom cart and checkout functionalities, and third-party integrations.

Magento Development

Our expert web developers value the extensibility and flexibility of the Magento platform. It makes an amazing foundation upon which to build a successful eCommerce business, and we can help you leverage it for your business.

Whether you are launching a new eCommerce website using Magento or you just want to refresh your existing website, our seasoned Magento developers have the ability to comprehensively map your business requirements to the proper technology set and get your website up and running.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress, and our eCommerce web team can help you integrate it into your site and take full advantage of its full suite of features, as well as expand its functionality with supplementary plugins for everything you need to efficiently manage your eCommerce store.

With its modular nature, we can set up and configure its backend to include plugins for shipping integration, payment gateway integration, inventory management, order management, analytics, and more.

Custom eCommerce Website Development

If you need a website with more unique requirements that are harder to achieve using the standard platforms like Shopify and Magento, our team can create and develop a fully customizable eCommerce website for you.

We will utilize the latest technologies to ensure that your customers get an excellent shopping experience, while you get a high-converting, agile, and flexible website that is tailor-made to your requirements in terms of its features and functionalities.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our developers are experienced in integrating payment gateways for checkout experiences that are fast, simple, and secure. With rigorous testing, we will ensure that whatever payment solution you choose will successfully process credit or debit cards, uses encryption and security protocols, and is safe from fraud.

Our goals are to provide your customers with a safe and secure way to purchase your products and services, and to provide you with a simple yet effective interface from which to manage all payments and transactions.

Top Tools We Use for eCommerce Website Development:

Management Tools
Pulse Storm
Pay Simple
Foundation ZURB

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