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Order Management and Processing



Orders are the lifeline of any business. It requires strong skills in order to be kept in check effectively. It requires highly specialized skills in order to produce relevant results. Others incorporate specializations in specific account management and processing programs as well as CRMs, making it a highly-authoritative task.

Whether tasks are as general as data entry or functions as specialized as Netsuite administration, our expertise in order processing allows us to source highly qualified candidates to build you a team of experts who will help your business prosper for the long haul.

01 Efficient Tracking
Our team of order management specialists always make sure to have proper documentation at every step of the way, helping ensure that all orders arrive on time, complete, and undamaged.

02 Software Expertise
Our order management specialists are experienced in using various inventory and order management software such as Zoho Inventory, Cin7, and TradeGecko.

03 Streamlined Processes
While we completely adapt our client’s fulfillment process, proprietary or otherwise, we make every effort to provide complete visibility and seamless integrations between order management systems, ERPs, as well as inventory and logistics systems.

04 Faster Fulfillment Times
We’ve helped our clients significantly increase their handling capacity and improve overall order fulfillment timelines. We implement a practical system to optimize the whole end-to-end process, from inventory management, supply chain optimization, to shipping logistics.

Order Processing

Throughout the years, we have built numerous teams of order processing specialists for industries such as home improvement and furniture, hardware and tools, as well as fashion and retail. Our vetted candidates are great at getting orders ready for shipping. They track sales, process, and monitor fulfillment for either batch or real-time orders.

They have a strong understanding of order management systems to improve productivity and prevent delays. Curtailing process errors such as incorrect customer information, among others, can be done by our team. Each process is planned to meet our client’s standards goals, ultimately resulting in timeliness and customer satisfaction.

Shipping Management

Save time and money when you get experts like us on your team. We manage shipping provider relationships and keep your operations updated using tools like real-time rate calculators. Our team keeps up regardless of what shipping options you offer such as flat rate and table rate shipping, live carrier rates, mixed, and free shipping.

Merchant-specific shipping managers in the team provide analysis, actionable insights, as well as execute processes using appropriate to improve customer experience. We have years of experience in international and local shipping with our retailer clients.

Inventory Management

Shifting your inventory management to easily accessible common platforms will be handled by us. We have a well-versed team that can easily integrate into your existing order management and shipping systems for businesses of all sizes and stemming from different industries.

Our teams provide responsive, real-time digital record-keeping for optimized execution of enterprise resource plans. We manage and ensure accuracy in processes such as cycle counting and ABC analysis to give you an idea of which items are worth investing in. You can also minimize product recalls with our lot tracking and traceability strategies.

Return Order Management

The team handles the verification through serial number based warranty checks. You can also leave the customer crediting, return assigning, and more to us. We provide comprehensive reports such as inventory assets and income statements as often as necessary.

We hand clients a solid return strategy that increases brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Our team can manage both pre-authorized and hassle-free returns. This will allow you to smoothen your operations for added efficiency. The team has experience supporting numerous businesses in the field of eCommerce.

Top Tools We Use for Order Processing and Management:

Stitch Labs
Return Magic
Aftership Returns Center
Click Sit
Big Commerce

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